Holistic view can help UK businesses reduce £10bn loss from poor customer service – says Sunrise Software

PRESS RELEASE: UK-headquartered Service Management company Sunrise Software has today published an article detailing how adopting a centralised Customer Service Management platform can help businesses to focus on customer relationships at all levels and across supply chain operations. The article helps businesses to address the issues raised by the Institute of Customer Service (ICS), which has monitored the UK economy closely for nearly 6 years. The ICS highlights the billions lost to UK businesses through poor service and states that customer service is a proven driver for better business performance and growth.

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The article entitled, “The Institute of Customer Service sets out the true cost of bad service,” by Neil Penny, Product Director at Sunrise Software, identifies how using a Customer Service Management platform in practice can help to mitigate the risks of a business failing to manage its supply chain effectively.

Neil comments; “Current ICS figures quote that the average time spent by employees rectifying problems caused by suppliers not meeting KPIs and service level agreements amounts to an average of 4.7 hours a month, often involving the most senior and expensive executives and diverting their focus from business growth.

“This article aims to set out the benefits of a holistic view of the business so that everyone can see what is happening as well as the customer history, resulting in improved communications, relationships and increased business.”

The key points covered in the article are;

• Often referred to as the ‘platform approach’, diverse departments including IT service desk, HR/payroll, customer service and facilities can use the same software tailored to their department needs, while being part of an organisation-wide system.
• Callstream, a supplier to the call centre sector chose a Sunrise platform for its customer Service Desk, sales and account management, Accounts and billing, project management and senior management. It provides an audit trail for every contact with the customer.
• ANS Group, an IT cloud services provider has adopted a Sunrise Customer Service Management platform to help it deliver high levels of customer service as it increased turnover from £12m to £50 in two years.
• Benefits that result from such a system are improved communication, customer expectations can be met and the customer kept close.
• Investing in customer relationship management can provide competitive advantage.

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Sunrise Software has 20 years’ experience implementing service management software that enables organisations to support both internal and external customers. The software is designed to meet industry best practice and is easily configurable to meet individual organisations’ specific needs.

The software is browser based, making it easy and intuitive to use. It comes in several versions suitable for Customer Service departments that are speaking to external customers, IT departments providing technical and support services to the business, and other departments such as Facilities management and HR/Payroll that are providing services to staff and managing third party suppliers.

The software is available on-premise or as a Software as a Service (SaaS) or Cloud solution and is used by high profile organisations including Anglian Water, the NHS, University of Greenwich, Muller Dairy and many more.

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