ClairVista Adds Mobile Video Chat and Content Sharing to Its Live Expert Video Chat Customer Service System

PRESS RELEASE: ClairVista, the leading provider of video chat customer service system, announced that it has launched LE Mobility as part of its Live Expert® software suite. ClairVista’s customer, Stichting Philadelphia Zorg, a large healthcare provider in The Netherlands, has implemented LE Mobility for its DigiContact video care service, along with LE Anywhere, Live Expert’s browser-based video chat module.

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Philadelphia’s DigiContact service uses Live Expert to provide on-demand and scheduled video chat services through patients’ own computers and mobile devices. Live Expert instantly connects each patient to an advisor based on the patient’s need, language preference and location, enables face-to-face interaction, content sharing and session recording, and provides a complete system for operating video chat services.

The key features of the LE Mobility module include:

  • Automated agent selection & call routing based on skill, context and location.
  • One-way or two-way video option for customers.
  • Front and rear camera toggle.
  • Automatic video packet shaping based on network performance.
  • Agent directed content sharing, with automatic resizing of video frames.
  • Available as full mobile app or SDK that can be added to other apps.
  • Same agents & agent application handle video calls from all channels.
  • Full capabilities of the Live Expert software suite.

“Live Expert is leading the way for the next stage of evolution in digital commerce – live, interactive services through all digital mediums. The launch of LE Mobility completes our vision of providing a single system for video chat and content sharing services across all channels,” said Chris Sang, Founder and CEO of ClairVista.

Live Expert, which received three U.S. patents, is the only omni-channel video chat customer service system, enabling both on-demand and scheduled video chat and interactive content sharing services on websites, via emails, on mobile devices, and at kiosks and public terminals. Live Expert handles 90% of customer service video calls in North America and is used in consumer services, retail, healthcare and financial services.