Looksery Puts a Fresh Face on Customer Service to Give Call Centers Enhanced Face-to-Face Support

PRESS RELEASE: Looksery, makers of face-tracking and face-modifying technology for real-time video announced that its technology is now available for call centre implementations. Looksery’s software, providing a level of no-lag, photorealistic visual effects for the human face never before so effortlessly delivered, empowers call centre companies to offer more personal visual interfaces, thereby improving service while creating greater customer comfort and satisfaction.

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Looksery’s entry into call centre services is welcomed by an industry that has long recognized the advantages of visual interfaces. The benefits of face-to-face customer service experiences include a more natural human experience, with the feeling that the person offering support is right there with you. But more than this, the visual touch-points of a friendly smile and the communication inherent in facial expressions have been found to significantly reduce confusion, cross talk, misheard words, and customer frustration. Shared screens and visual support experiences are valued in the industry as well – often when giving step-by-step technical instructions, it’s better to show than tell.

Before now call centers have used VoIP software and experimented with cartoonish animated avatars. Animated avatars have been deployed as the unified face of a hybrid support, part self-service support with a computer-based virtual persona, and part human customer service representative when a real person is required and slips into the role.

The Looksery technology is different. It precisely tracks facial features and expressions to transform real human faces into photo-real 3D avatars in real time. The avatars produced can have a range of appearance alterations made that remain in effect in real-time, including a thinner face, more striking eyes, and blemish-free skin. Looksery’s technology also optimizes video communication traffic, resulting in bandwidth-friendly data loads actually smaller than that of equivalent unaltered video. In practice in call centre communication, the customer on the line would never know the image of the person assisting them is anything but real. Call centres would be in position to optimize avatars and possible personas for customer happiness.

“We couldn’t be more excited to help call centres enter a new era of enhanced face-to-face support,” said Victor Shaburov, Looksery’s CEO. “Let’s face it, calling customer service isn’t always an experience people look forward to. As customer service goes in a more visual direction, empowering representatives to consistently look and communicate their best puts a confident and promising face on the industry’s future.”

As well as call centres, Looksery is adapting and licensing its technology for handset manufacturers, mobile carriers, and other video communication partners.

About Looksery:

Looksery Inc. is a San Francisco Bay Area company founded in 2013 that specializes in face tracking and face modification technologies for real-time video messaging. Looksery began as a mobile application for superior photo/video selfies and video messaging, and also licenses its technology for call centers, handset manufacturers, mobile carries, and other partners in the video communication area. The company has several pending patents on the face tracking, face modification and traffic optimization technologies. For more information, please visit http://www.looksery.com.