Deploy Customer Callback in Minutes: How the Virtual Hold Technology Cloud Platform Helps Companies Enhance the Customer Service Experience

Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) has announced updates to its cloud-based callback platform, enhancing how brands make meaningful connections with customers looking for service and support. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud architecture simplifies deploying and managing callback across voice, digital and mobile channels, allowing brands to connect with customers on any preferred channel.

Contact Centre CLUB

The VHT cloud-based callback platform includes advancements to the user interface (UI) that make it easier for contact center managers and agents to review callback dashboards and pull reports. A web-based client dashboard includes real-time and historical information used to display the complete customer journey from initial request to issue resolution. Contact center managers can leverage this streamlined UI to analyze and adjust the end-to-end customer experience.

VHT continues to support an open API, allowing developers to easily extend callback across channels, such as SMS, websites or mobile applications, in order to support customer preferences.

“Brands thrive on customer loyalty, which is why offering a better customer journey is critical. Callback is traditionally easier to deploy and configure in the cloud, but now brands have the power to get callback up and running within minutes,” said Wes Hayden, CEO of Virtual Hold Technology. “This deployment also gives contact centers instant access to features as they are available, supporting ever more complex and fast-moving performance initiatives.”

As businesses grow or go through areas of high and low demand, the strategic use of callback varies. Callback deployed on the cloud addresses changing needs through on-demand scalability, which provides operational efficiencies during inbound spikes. Cloud-based services can also lower agent talk time, optimize workforce utilization and reduce the overall average speed-of-answer. Subscription-based pricing permits businesses to pay only as callback is used, further enhancing ROI.