NICE Speech and Desktop Analytics Help Orange Poland Transform its Customer Service

PRESS RELEASE: NICE announced that NICE speech and desktop analytics solutions, as well as Real Time Process Optimization, have been recently implemented by telecommunications provider Orange Poland to improve its contact center and back office productivity. Within three months of implementation, the operator reported more effective agent coaching, better customer service, as well as expected cost savings.

Contact Centre CLUB

Orange Poland began its current service enhancement initiative by upgrading its NICE Call Recording and Quality Management applications, as well as expanding its portfolio of implemented NICE solutions to include: Interaction Analytics (including speech analytics identifying 30 distinct categories of customer calls); Real-Time Activity Monitoring (for desktop analytics at all managerial levels); and Real Time Process Optimization (providing both analytics and workflow automation).

As a result, with 6,000 workstations currently using NICE tools, the company realized an array of measurable benefits in just a few months, including call and call transfer reduction, average handle time decrease, and a significant increase in cross-sell activity.

Part of this rapid success was the result of more targeted call center agent coaching, based on speech and desktop analytics that identify precisely which agents need what guidance.

“We were very pleased to see almost immediate results, as NICE’s analytics and optimization tools have enabled us to operate more efficiently and gain deeper insights into our service operation while achieving significant cost savings,” said Jolanta Dudek, Board Member responsible for Customer Relations of Orange Poland. “Over the years, the NICE team has proven to be a trusted partner, and their solutions deliver real value.”

According to John O’Hara, NICE EMEA president, “High-level executive support for the initiative, as well as close cooperation between the Orange Poland team, NICE CX Consulting, and our local implementation partner, CCSoft, made the large and complex transformation project possible.” O’Hara added that “discipline and focus allowed us to help Orange Poland improve interaction quality and create a perfect experience for their customers. And that is also how NICE analytics solutions were able to deliver tangible business benefits within three months of the start of the project.”