Jacada Receives Material Order from Telefónica O2 to Continue Providing Customer Service Automation Solutions

Jacada announced that it has again extended its relationship as the customer service enterprise software solution provider for Telefónica O2, one of the largest telecommunications operators in Europe.

Contact Centre CLUB

At Telefónica O2 UK, Jacada solutions automate critical customer service processes within the contact center and retail stores operations. Jacada helps the operator to reduce costs and improve customer experience through the deployment of three solutions:

  • Unified Desktop – streamlines the customer service representatives’ tasks while servicing customers in real-time.
  • Desktop Automation – automates repeated tasks to avoid errors and reduce handling time.
  • Agent Guidance – supports the customer service representatives during the fulfillment of complex service tasks and sales processes.

With a strong presence in Europe and Latin America, Telefónica O2 is one of the world’s largest telecommunications operators by market capitalization. Providing telecommunication services to over 347 million users, it is one of the 50 largest companies in the world.

“Our long term relationship with Telefónica O2 is additional proof of confidence in our solutions and ability to execute,” says Yochai Rozenblat, Jacada Chief Executive Officer. “Our customer service automation vision has strong roots in customers like Telefónica O2, that see the clear value of this vision on a daily basis.”

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