Australian Firm’s World First: AI-powered Video Chatbot

Australian pioneers Smart Video Australia have successfully developed the world’s first video AI chatbot. The system, designed to assist with onboarding, acquisitions, customer support and customer retention, combines the best of human engagement and AI reliability.

Contact Centre CLUB

Since pioneering Australian personalised video in 2014, Smart Video Australia (SVA) have rolled out campaigns for household names like Virgin mobile, Ladbrokes, HSBC, nib health insurance, Australia Post and more. With client engagement results ranging from 300% uplift in customer survey completions, to 50% increase in measured message engagement (and a corresponding drop in call centre demand), the all-Australian tech firm is delivering outsized results for some of Australia’s best known firms.

Cofounder Francoise Gelbard: “The platform combines data, personalisation and video to create an incredibly compelling & effective piece of communication.”

Local Talent

Smart Video Australia’s proprietary IP was built locally by Australian developers, and the system’s platform servers are also situated in Sydney. “developing locally was important for us, because we had a clear idea of our goals and wanted to make sure that we could deliver on what we wanted. And having those local servers is also important for us and SVA’s financial services sector clients for whom data security is paramount.”

AI and Martech

Now the team (led by CEO and Founder Rodd Martin & Co-Founder Francoise Gelbard) are building on those successes to take the next step and break new ground in data-driven martech.

The system is a true world-first, offering users an engaging experience using leading edge chatbot & AI tech, blended with high end video production values to offer clients a relatable, consistent and engaging experience for both new and existing clients.
The system allows brands to automate user engagement at customer acquisition.

Using pre-recorded guidance and responses, rendered and delivered live through the AI based on client interaction, the system is a first in the customer acquisition space.One of the key features of the tech is its’ ability to offer new clients a seamless, human contact point.

AWS Supported

Selecting AWS as a partner meant Smart Video Australia could stay focussed on their core client outcomes. Back end support that scales rapidly, means that the supporting media can be stitched together on the fly, while the customer experiences a seamless, engaging interaction – as reliable as AU chat technology, but with the added warmth of human interaction.

CEO of Smart Video Australia Rodd Martin: “As marketing automation migrates customers into increasingly online based interactions, our real-time data-driven customer experience video communication platform, allows companies to retain a personalised engagement. This is the future of customer-centric organisations, and one we’re excited to be a part of.”