noHold’s Artificial Intelligence Alleviates Live Chat Shortcomings

noHold is introducing a Virtual Assistant specialized in pre-empting the Live Chat channel. Throughout the years, various companies have come to noHold looking for a solution to solve some of the concerns related to Live Chat.

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Here is a list of the three most common issues:

Misdirected Chats– About 60% of live chat sessions end up being irrelevant to the live agents’ scope of knowledge. For example, live agents that handle pre-sales questions receiving end users asking for support.
Ghost Chats- An end user clicks on the Chat button, but then never interacts with the live agent. This accounts for about 20% of all sessions.
Pre-Chat Questionnaires- Often live chat agents ask end users a number of questions to pre-qualify them. This process can be automated.

Each of the issues above cost companies money and time, and negatively impacts the customer experience.

noHold now offers a Virtual Assistant specialized in pre-empting the Live Chat channel. The Virtual Assistant is conversational and helps companies reduce misdirected and ghost chats, while capturing key pre-qualifying information from the end user.

“The agents at your call center are the most sophisticated resource available to help customers better experience your product. It is important to engage them only when absolutely necessary so that companies can reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction,” adds Diego Ventura, CEO and Founder of noHold.