Mutare and Parlance Join Forces to Transform Messaging and Improve the Customer Experience

Mutare, a top provider of innovative voicemail replacement solutions announced a key partnership with Parlance Corporation, a leading provider of adaptive speech call routing solutions that improve the caller experience. The partnership begins with the two thought leaders bringing the benefits of each other’s solutions to their customer bases—supporting the ongoing drive to deliver better caller experiences.

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“Parlance solves one of the key problems of the voice channel, while we solve another,” says Rich Quattrocchi, Mutare’s vice-president of digital transformation. “Together, we enable digital transformation of voice messaging—streamlining the workflow and delivering an exceptional customer experience that’s second to none.”

Right from the start, Parlance call automation lets callers make requests in their own voice—without frustrating automated attendants, IVRs, and other outmoded solutions. Callers reach their destinations quickly and easily, improving customer satisfaction, reducing transfers, lowering call abandonment, and avoiding lost revenue.

Mutare continues to improve the caller experience if a caller needs to leave a message. Since most voicemail messages are ignored, Mutare solutions convert voice messages to more-preferable—and digital—text or email messages while adding context—such as caller ID, caller name, email address, company name, title, and other key information from a CRM or contact database. Recipients can respond faster, more easily, and more thoroughly, raising employee efficiency, enhancing customer engagement, and reducing inefficiency and costs.

“In the digital age, voice is still a big part of getting business done,” said Joseph Maxwell, CEO of Parlance. “The combined Parlance–Mutare solution modernizes the voice channel experience by taking the work out of connecting callers to the right person and enabling an immediate response if the person isn’t available.”

Now organizations can increase the reliability and dependability of the voice channel, building trust with their customers. They can reduce enterprise call management costs, as well as the amount of time required to manage the voice infrastructure. And they can take an important step toward eliminating automated attendants and voicemail.

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Parlance Corporation

At Parlance, we’re caller advocates on a mission to make it easier for callers to engage with businesses. Our call analytics and adaptive speech automation solutions make it fast and easy for callers to get to the right place within a business—without the effort and frustration of interactive voice response (IVR) systems, automated attendants (AA), and hold queues. For more information, visit