Conduit Global Announces It’s The First Integrated BPO & Technology Services Company To Offer The Avaya Oceana Platform

Conduit Global, a leading provider of contact centre and communications technology solutions, announced that it is deploying Avaya’s Aura Communication Manager 7, Aura Experience Portal, Breeze and Oceana framework. Conduit Global is the first integrated BPO and technology services company in Europe to deploy Avaya’s next generation platform.

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Conduit Global’s CEO, Michael Graham, said, “Conduit’s clients will be able to take advantage of our decades of experience delivering innovative customer journeys to enable digital transformation strategy success. With a feature rich and fully integrated interface based on Oceana Workspaces, and a complementary analytical and omni-channel routing engine, Conduit’s clients can take advantage of a truly single customer view along with full interaction history and context regardless of channel. This approach allows consumers the freedom to switch channels seamlessly, without loss of service or quality.”

Conduit Global has created a digital engagement platform that is built with resilience, functionality and innovation at its engineering core. Located across numerous data centers in the USA and Europe, its platform boasts six years of 100% uptime. The company has the pedigree, credibility and proven success to provision a truly global engagement platform that enables progressive digital transformation.

The deployment of Breeze and Oceana enables Conduit Global to build upon its considerable success to exploit and utilise industry leading technologies, bringing value not only through efficiencies to clients, but to any of their associated partners performing customer interactions. Examples of such innovation include the deployment of AI allowing sentiment-based outcomes through IBM Watson, engaging speech-enabled IVR applications interfacing with Breeze, delivering dynamic multi-directional data exchanges and the introduction of automation through ChatBot deployments.

“The enhanced framework allows our clients to embrace the ever-changing world of digital interactions while enhancing their overall consumer experience through dynamic Breeze call flow delivery,” Graham continued. “Dynamic integrations include shaping IVR flows based on external data influences, introducing IoT work flows triggered by remote sensors, and creative IVR speech enabled applications.”

Ioan MacRae, Managing Director of Avaya UK, said, “This deployment is a great example of how Avaya’s strategy of fostering an ecosystem of open standards is allowing our partners to embrace their desire for differentiation. Conduit Global has jumped at the opportunity to build upon Oceana with cutting edge technologies and they have delivered truly innovative platforms that will deliver real business outcomes for large enterprises as well as critical blue light services across the world.”