ZOOM International Offers the Healthcare Industry an Innovation in PCI-DSS Compliance

ZOOM International is a worldwide leader in call recording, workforce optimization (WFO), and compliance software for the omnichannel contact center. The company is known for innovative firsts, such as the ZOOM Omnichannel Search Engine powered by Solr. The latest innovation is an integration for Epic customers using APIs from both Epic and ZOOM International.

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The ZOOM Automatic Pause and Resume for PCI app helps healthcare companies achieve and maintain PCI-DSS compliance.

Across industries, a large number of companies who accept credit card information are likely out of PCI DSS compliance. Most organizations store call recordings that contain credit card and/or verification data. New PCI-DSS standards strictly prohibit the capture and storage of this data. Advances in technology have made it riskier than ever to store this information. A 2017 study by IBM and Ponemon Institute estimates US companies have almost a 30% probability of a experiencing a data breach.

The cost of breaches is increasing, with healthcare companies having some of the most severe penalties to date. Lawsuits, fines, revenue loss, attrition, remediation are just some of the penalties healthcare companies face. These can have a multi-million dollar impact on companies of ANY size. The best solution is to never record cardholder data in the first place, by implementing automatic pause and resume.

Brian Shore, CEO of ZOOM International, explained, “The first step is admitting the problem. No security officer, compliance officer, or CFO should be OK with the risks of storing credit card information in call recordings. The solution is automatic pause and resume. When agents take credit card information, the system should pause recording while the data is captured and resume upon completion of the transaction. ZOOM excels in this area, having offered pause and resume functionality for years. Our latest innovation will help protect healthcare companies.”

ZOOM’s new whitepaper and webinar, “PCI-DSS: A Million Dollar Risk for a 10-Cent Hacking Cost,” dives deep into the problem and solution. It is available at http://pages.zoomint.com/zoom-epic-apr_lp_v01. The app can be requested by Epic customers through the App Orchard [https://apporchard.epic.com/Gallery?id=768].

ABOUT ZOOM International

ZOOM International is a global leader in WFO software serving more than 1,700+ customers and 350+ partners in over 90 countries. ZOOM helps companies achieve compliance initiatives, improve contact center operations, and their reven with a robust, open, API-first software platform. ZOOM is the industry leader in customer satisfaction, earning a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 88 for the past 365 days. Customers range from sub–100 agent contact centers to some the world’s largest companies, such as Amerigas, IBM, Homecredit, Finansbank, Tata Sky, Generali, Allianz, and Vodafone.

More information can be found at zoomint.com