Vonage Business Cloud Gets New Social Messaging Capabilities

Vonage, a business cloud communications leader, has announced the integration of its Business Inbox feature with Facebook Messenger, now available with the Vonage Business Cloud (VBC) unified communications service.

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VBC’s social messaging capabilities allow customers to reply to messages sent in Messenger through all applications of their Vonage service, enabling businesses to respond to customers faster and organizing customer requests in one unified inbox for better customer interactions. Businesses can also integrate social messaging into Vonage’s proprietary workstream collaboration capabilities for a richer, omnichannel customer experience.

Leveraging the newly-released Messages API via Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, the integration of these social capabilities directly into VBC demonstrates the power – and vast opportunities – provided by a combination of unified communications and programmable communications platforms.

“Adding social messaging services (or apps) like Messenger to Vonage’s Business Inbox allows us to provide more features for our customers to meet their growing needs,” said Ron Maayan, VP Product for Vonage. “Providing Vonage business customers with the ability to connect with their own customers in real-time and in more meaningful ways through their preferred communication channels, we are helping businesses enhance customer engagement to drive better business outcomes.”

With this integration, Vonage is helping businesses to connect with their own customers on the channels they find most engaging – social, voice, SMS or chat – ultimately improving the customer experience.

See a video of Vonage’s Business Inbox and how it enhances customer engagement.

Visit https://www.vonage.com/business/