Stella Connect Optimizes Zendesk Integration to Leverage New Customer Timeline Feature

Stella Connect, a software platform that enables companies to collect real-time customer feedback and use it to build more motivated, higher-performing front-line teams, today announced an enhancement to its integration app with Zendesk.

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The app update takes advantage of Zendesk’s new Customer Timeline feature, which enables contact center agents to access a customer’s full interaction history in a single streamlined view.

In addition to displaying complete interaction history, Zendesk’s new Timeline feature also enables companies to connect third-party data sources, such as Stella Connect, to the core Zendesk data model for the first time.

Stella Connect has leveraged this new functionality to enable all historical customer feedback to be displayed directly within the Timeline view alongside details of the interaction. In doing so, agents will be able to view all prior feedback customers have shared with agents when they start to work with them on new tickets. Having this complete historical view of customer satisfaction will help agents understand likely sentiment at the outset of every interaction and adjust their service delivery accordingly.

“Having visibility into prior customer feedback through the enhanced Stella Connect integration will help agents deliver service experiences that proactively address likely customer concerns,” said Suraj Savalia, Product Director, Stella Connect. “It’s exciting that Zendesk is further enhancing its platform capabilities and APIs in a way that is unlocking significant additional value for service-led brands.”

Customer Timeline will be available to all Zendesk customers from November 13, 2018. Third-party integrations, including Stella Connect, will be available within Timeline from Q1 2019.

About Stella Connect

Stella Connect captures real-time, agent-level customer feedback after every service interaction. Our humanized and gamified feedback requests generate response rates of up to 50%, giving companies deep visibility into agent performance. Customers can rate agents, leave comments about their experience, suggest rewards or make recommendations for areas of improvement. Feedback is shared directly with agents and team leaders in real-time via streams, dashboards and performance leaderboards. This agent-focused approach motivates and engages front-line teams and transforms coaching and QA programs.