Support Services Group deploys Teleopti WFM to increase productivity and support business growth

Teleopti announced that Support Services Group has successfully deployed the company’s cloud-based Workforce Management (WFM) technology to schedule over 300 agents across five locations and four time zones in the USA and the Dominican Republic. Since implementing the new Teleopti WFM Cloud solution, Support Services Group has tangibly increased productivity by 5%.

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The organization has also managed to minimize the number of hours required to support different customer programs and meet client service levels while reducing agent idle time and over staffing.

Bryan Gross President at Support Services Group said, “We were looking for a strong WFM business partner to align with our rapid growth and future goals. Teleopti provides a robust yet flexible WFM solution. The perfect fit to help facilitate our fast expansion plans. From the initial product demonstration it was clear the people at Teleopti are passionate about the product plus the simplicity and intuitiveness of the software made it an easy decision.”

Support Services Group relies on Teleopti WFM Cloud to build 12 different schedules for over 300 agents and add new skills, agents and clients quickly and efficiently. Supervisors simply click on a button to access all the information they need to support their clients and manage their teams effectively. At the same time, agents access the MyTime app on their mobile devices to get real-time updates of their schedules, check breaks and lunches, ask for time off or trade shifts.

Teleopti’s Intraday Management and Real-Time Adherence modules have yielded the greatest benefits. Linked directly to Support Services Group’s automated call distributor (ACD) system, they provide an accurate, real-time view of agent and overall contact center activity, enabling managers to track schedules against forecasts and make quick and meaningful adjustments to meet agreed client service levels and increase customer satisfaction.

Kimberley MacKinnon, VP Workforce Management at Support Services Group commented, “Scaling our large and complex contact center operations quickly through efficient schedules that maximize agent skills is a critical success factor. The ease of use and advanced reporting capabilities of Teleopti’s cloud-based solution appealed to us and convinced us Teleopti was the right technology partner to support the diversity of our ever-expanding business.”

The user-friendliness, web access and multi-skill scheduling of Teleopti WFM Cloud have demonstrably supported Support Services Group’s environment of multiple clients, programs, call volumes and agent skillsets. Furthermore, the accuracy of the data held in the Teleopti WFM solution enables the organization to calculate the exact number of hours required to support different customer programs and service levels, improve client billing, avoid over-staffing and minimize agent idle time.

David Pahlman, President of Teleopti North America concluded, “Our fully automated, flexible cloud WFM technology enables organizations such as Support Services Group to provide their customers with excellent service while quickly meeting the demands of business growth. This, paired with Teleopti’s consultative implementation approach, means we are able to deliver an optimized platform to best suit our clients’ needs and future goals. We look forward to our continued partnership with Support Services Group.”