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Verint Q&A – No. 15

Verint LogoQuestion: We’ve been investigating contact recording, quality monitoring and speech analytics. The team is quite impressed with the capabilities provided by the various vendors. A few of the vendors claim to be able to spot problems by analysing the customer’s and agent’s conversation in real-time. Having identified various sorts of problems, the system sends a notification according to rules so that either automatic guidance is provided on their screen or by someone joining the conversation. This is intriguing. Is it real? Continue reading Verint Q&A – No. 15

Five reasons to host your contact centre in the cloud

NVM logo jpgBLOG: Your contact centre is at the heart of your business – after all, no contact, no customers. Yet setting up and running contact centres is expensive and demanding, and many companies do not use the systems they have in the most efficient way. Challenges can include speed of initial deployment, supporting flexible working and ensuring continuous operations. However, with cloud computing, there’s a better alternative. NewVoiceMedia highlights five key benefits of moving your contact centre to the cloud: Continue reading Five reasons to host your contact centre in the cloud