FCS Gateway Solution Now Integrated with Toshiba Strata CIX®; Helps Symphony Suites Increase Revenue

FCS Computer Systems, a leading global provider of comprehensive hospitality guest services applications and solution design services, is pleased to announce the successful integration of its Gateway solution with Toshiba Singapore Pte Ltd, Unified Communication Systems’ Strata CIX® Unified Communication Systems. Together, the industry leading solutions in hotel billing and unified communication applications with IP telephony will enhance operational proficiencies in small and boutique hotels. 

FCS’ Gateway solution offers seamless interfaces with the hotel property management system (PMS) and PABX systems, as well as interfaces to all other FCS systems. An ideal solution for hotels that do not require complex billing and voice systems, key components of the FCS Gateway solution include real-time room status updates to the PMS, billing capability for voice calls, minibar posting, a voice messaging system that can be individually personalized by guests, and a series of both standard and customizable reporting options.

Toshiba’s Strata CIX systems provide converged solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses that want a mix of IP, digital and analog endpoint devices connected to their systems, combined with IP telephony and unified communications applications. Strata CIX systems are compatible with collaboration tools and customer relationship management tools, as well as call center solutions.

The FCS Gateway solution is compatible with the following Strata CIX models, which offer scalability and flexibility hotel solutions for businesses:

• Strata CIX 100
• Strata CIX 670
• Strata CIX 1200

The combination of FCS’ Gateway solution with Strata CIX has already been put into use at hotels like the Symphony Suites in Ipoh City Malaysia. The integrated solution is actively helping the 95-suite room boutique hotel to better manage their facility, providing tremendous benefits to both hotel staff and guests by automated functionality, like Group Wake-Up Calls and Room Service Updates, as well as eliminating manual work and errors in Call Billing.

Commenting on the hotel’s use of FCS’ Gateway solution in conjunction with Strata CIX, Mr. Dalbeer Singh Randev, Room Division Manager of the Symphony Suites states, “The complete suite of hospitality solutions has helped us to improve hotel productivity and efficiency, while enhancing the guest experience. The Call Tracking feature monitors guest phone usage, allowing us to bill guests for any long distance and local call usage, which increases hotel revenue.”

“The new partnership with Toshiba and successful integration into Strata CIX systems helps to secure FCS’ leading position in the hospitality solutions market,” says Akina Ho, Vice President of Global Strategy and Business Development for FCS. “We aim to offer end-to-end solutions that all lodging establishments can benefit from. Working in harmony with Strata CIX systems, our Gateway solution is a must-have for boutique hotels that aim to achieve unparalleled service management, maximized revenue and cost-effective software systems. It is a mark of superior services guaranteed.”

For more information on the comprehensive FCS suite of hospitality technology product solutions and other valuable hospitality industry integrations, please visit www.fcscs.com.

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