TMJ Inc. Implement Verint Impact 360 Speech Analytics to Enhance Quality Management and Productivity

Verint LogoVerint® Systems Inc. announced that TMJ Inc., a Benesse Group company that operates call center and back-office operations in Japan, has implemented its Impact 360® Speech Analytics™ solution, part of Verint’s Voice of the Customer Analytics® portfolio. TMJ Inc., formerly known as Telemarketing Japan, operates in 11 cities in Japan and Shanghai, China and has a unique business concept of “Science of Technology” to leverage an advanced scientific and engineering approach in improving customer communications. 

An existing Verint customer, TMJ implemented the speech analytics solution earlier this year[1], and has been using it to extract Actionable Intelligence® from call center customer interactions to gain valuable insights into why customers are calling and to enhance quality management and productivity.

“TMJ’s contact centers use a proactive scientific methodology of collecting, analyzing and mining customer calls. We were interested in a solution that would allow us to better visualize and quantify customer interactions, as the traditional approach was time and resource intensive. We believe that valuable actionable insights reside in the large volume of customer calls in our centers that can only be made available through the power of speech analytics,” states Fuyuki Takeuchi, Analyst, Development Planning Business Promotion Division, TMJ Inc.

Takeuchi adds, “We selected the Verint speech analytics solution based on its ability to help us understand new trends on customer needs and insights with our call center operations. The solution has dramatically shortened the time to perform analysis, allowing us to make faster and more insights-based decisions about customer service and our overall operations. As a result, we are able to perform business enhancement activities in a timely manner to support our ability to drive stronger growth.”

Olivier Georlette, Verint Japan President, concludes, “We are very pleased to have extended our relationship with TMJ, and for the results already achieved by deploying our Impact 360 Speech Analytics solution. TMJ can continue to gain Actionable Intelligence through the Verint solutions, coupled with their scientific approach to capturing, analyzing and executing on the insights inherent through customer interactions.”

About TMJ Inc

TMJ is a spin off from Benesse Corporation’s in-house center, “Shinken Zemi,” and became a separate entity in 1992. With its know-how on product and quality control cultivated from TMJ’s continual membership system, TMJ provides services such as design and management of contact centers, analysis, recruitment and staff training to various clients. On July 2012, marking TMJ’s 20th anniversary, TMJ (formerly known as Telemarketing Japan) officially changed its name to TMJ Inc. The company has since been expanding its businesses to areas such as BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) including back office business in addition to the contact center business.

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