SPLICE Software Announces Dialog DashboardTM

SPLICE Software, the leading provider of automated, Data-Driven DialogsTM for Customer Experience Management, announces they will be launching their new Dialog DashboardTM at the National Retail Federation’s Annual Convention & Expo on January 14, 2014. The Dialog DashboardTM is a part of the latest generation of the SPLICE Dialog SuiteTM, an interactive campaign management and reporting tool available to all SPLICE clients. 

“The Dashboard was developed to help our clients quickly view and understand their data, and build more proactive customer communication campaigns” said Tara Kelly, president & CEO of SPLICE. “It helps marketers and customer experience representatives interpret and act on customer response patterns and preferences; visually profiling the effects of corporate marketing efforts.”

The Dialog DashboardTM is the fourth cloud-based module of the SPLICE Dialog SuiteTM, which also includes the Dialog ControllerTM for data capture, the Dialog BuilderTM for creation of 1-to-1 audio assets, and the Dialog DirectorTM for effective voice campaign management. The Dashboard provides an important level of insight and perspective into all media channels to build better on-going customer communication – and to maximize ROI.

“We are looking forward to getting this solution into the hands of our clients and future clients,” continued Kelly. “Our company motto is “we believe it can be better”, and the Dashboard will greatly help take the next big leap to delivering an engaging customer experience.”

SPLICE will be launching the Dialog DashboardTM at the NRF’s Annual Convention & Expo, on January 14th in New York City.

About SPLICE Software:

SPLICE Software is the global leader in providing real-time, data-driven customer interactions across all forms of automated communication; enabling clients to authentically connect with thousands of customers and build brand loyalty. SPLICE Solutions incorporate customer interactions, permissions and preferences, to develop personalized communications that improve the customer experience. For more information visit, www.splicesoftware.com.