Avaya Receives Three New Contact Center Awards from Frost & Sullivan in Asia Pacific

Avaya LogoAvaya, a global provider of enterprise communications systems, software and services today announced it has been accorded three Contact Center awards by Frost & Sullivan in Asia Pacific in 2013. Avaya was awarded the 2013 Asia Pacific market share leadership award in Inbound Contact Routing Systems, Asia Pacific market share leadership award in Self-service Applications Market and was also named the Southeast Asia Contact Center Applications Vendor of the Year. 

The Frost & Sullivan awards are presented to companies that demonstrate excellence in growth strategy and implementation, degree of innovation with products and technology, and leadership in customer value and market penetration, relative to competitors in the region.

The 2013 Avaya Asia Pacific Customer Experience Index* highlighted the impact of customer service in relation to brand loyalty, with 83 percent of respondents indicating they would avoid buying from a company and actively advise friends and family to do the same if they experienced bad customer service. In addition, the Index also indicated that 75 percent of respondents preferred customer service support to be delivered across multiple channels. Avaya was recognized for its leadership in contact center solution across Asia Pacific and for providing customers seamless and an improved support experience across multiple technology platforms. The 2013 awards built on the recognition received by Avaya in 2012, further cementing the brand’s positioning as one of the stalwarts in the industry with a strong track record in research and innovation.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Avaya through the following awards:

2013 Frost & Sullivan Southeast Asia Contact Center Applications Vendor of the Year

Frost & Sullivan acknowledged Avaya for its holistic approach towards contact center solutions in effectively optimizing the customer experience, with capabilities in the following areas:

  • Assisted and Automated Experience Management through intelligent routing of voice and multimedia contacts as well as outbound and self-service applications
  • Workforce Optimization including call recording, quality monitoring and workforce management applications
  • Contact center reporting, analytics and performance management solutions

2013 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific market share leadership award in the Inbound Contact Routing Systems Market

As one of the top-tier vendors in the Inbound Contact Routing (ICR) market, Avaya was recognized for its solution portfolio that extends managing voice interactions to multiple channel support including instant messaging, video, email and social media. In particular, Avaya further strengthened its portfolio with the addition of the Avaya Aura® Contact Center Suite for Mid-sized Enterprise (AACC-M), bundling advanced levels of applications, making it an attractive and simplified offering for its mid-market customers.

2013 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific market share leadership award in the Self-service Applications Market

Self-service applications, whether web or increasingly mobile-based, are key touch points for customer service delivery. Frost & Sullivan credited Avaya for its lead in self-service applications, noting how its self-service offerings help organizations automate and centrally coordinate their multimedia self-service and interactive voice response applications in a context-based communication environment. Notably, the Avaya Aura® Experience Portal also eliminates the need for costly pre-route and data directed dialing charges and reduces infrastructure footprint for greater efficiency.

“Avaya continues to dominate in the contact center space across the Asia Pacific market, with a reliable and comprehensive set of solutions that helps its clients set the standards in customer satisfaction. Building on its strong brand heritage in research and innovation within the contact center solutions segment, Avaya has extended its offerings to the mid-market customers and strengthened its solutions suite to deliver multichannel communications support in line with customer preferences. Avaya’s market leadership can also be attributed to the quality of support given to its channel partners.” KRISHNA BAIDYA, RESEARCH MANAGER, ICT PRACTICE, FROST & SULLIVAN ASIA PACIFIC

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