Enterprise Startup PlayVox Brings Gamification to Zendesk

Companies like NICE, Verint, Aspect and HP-owned Autonomy built the 1st generation WFO software for Contact Centers. PlayVox builds Workforce Optimization Software for today’s and next generation sales, service and support professionals. 

“Next-gen software means building software that puts people first, where design and user experience is the key factor to drive employee productivity and performance. Deployment takes minutes, not days or months. 1st generation Workforce Optimization software was not designed for the Cloud, these solutions weren’t designed with the end user in mind and that needs to be change” says Oscar Giraldo, Co-Founder and PlayVox’s CEO.

Today’s workforce demands better software, they want to use Dropbox to manage their files, Google Docs for their documents, Evernote to take notes, Salesforce for sales and Zendesk to provide customer support. Just as Zendesk had the goal of building beautiful and simple to use customer service software, the market goal with PlayVox is to make the Workforce Optimization Software category more simple, beautiful, useful and easy to understand for today’s changing and demanding workforce.

PlayVox for Zendesk

PlayVox is excited to announce a new App available today on the Zendesk Marketplace that provides Gamified Workforce Optimization capabilities such as Agent Performance Management and eLearning to Zendesk customers.

Zendesk and PlayVox customer Groupon use PlayVox to simplify agent performance and training management. “PlayVox lets us detect and make a quick diagnosis of underperforming agents or those who ignore certain important procedures in serving our customers” – Carolina Bucarey – Head of Customer Support at Groupon Latam.

PlayVox makes tracking Zendesk metrics fun, social, and easy to understand so that companies can improve the quality of their service and support.

“The faster agents get feedback, the faster and more likely they will be to take action to improve their performance and your customer’s experience. PlayVox provides performance ranking data, and provide support agents with feedback they can understand within the Zendesk console” says Ariel Cordiviola PlayVox, Co-Founder and VP Product.

To learn more about the PlayVox for Zendesk App please visit http://playvox.com/zendesk.

About PlayVox

PlayVox is a software as a service (SaaS)-based enterprise startup that focuses on providing Gamified Workforce Optimization software for Sales, Service and Support Contact Centers. PlayVox helps companies like Groupon and Telefonica maximize sales and service performance and reduce agent training costs and onboarding from weeks to hours.