Clockwork Solutions Provides Predictive Big Data Insights on Asset Performance with Jaspersoft

Jaspersoft, the Intelligence Inside applications and business processes announced that Clockwork Solutions LLC, a global leader in predictive analytics solutions for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), has successfully deployed Jaspersoft as the reporting engine for its solution. Clockwork Solutions is now able to provide key insights on tens of terabytes of asset data. 

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Clockwork Solutions uses its Insight LCM™ platform to digest huge amounts of data for capital-intensive assets, such as high-end machinery and products, which require large-scale investments. These assets often have thousands of components, with each component potentially contributing to overall system availability, performance and output. Jaspersoft’s embedded analytics solution works with Hadoop and MongoDB within Clockwork’s predictive analytic solution to provide simple and clear answers on asset performance and health. These insights result from detailed analysis of the complex physical assets, their components, and their parts at fine-grained levels. This analysis often requires terabytes of data and needed an engine able to cope with such a significant amount.

“Our predictive analytics solutions require a robust analytics engine that incorporates Big Data best practices. We found Jaspersoft to be an analytics solution that could handle large volumes of data, provide ad hoc analytics for our customers, and was easily embedded into our SaaS solution,” said Joe Berti, CEO of Clockwork Solutions. “Clockwork Solutions’ Big Data approach and predictive analytics significantly reduces costs and increases revenues for our customers. When paired with Jaspersoft, the result is accelerated implementation and significant value for our Fortune 500 customers”

“When you reach the scale and level of detail of Clockwork’s SaaS solution, it is important to ensure that valuable data can be viewed in a way that allows for easy analysis without forcing customers to use additional tools,” said Jim Bell, CMO of Jaspersoft. “Clockwork is a great example of Big Data analytics providing predictive insights on real-world data and delivering significant value to their customers.”

About Clockwork

Clockwork is a global leader of predictive analytics solutions for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) that improves availability and reduces maintenance and repair parts costs of capital intensive assets. With over 50 customers, the company provides cutting edge solutions that analyze asset data, provide performance visibility to each phase of an asset’s life cycle, resulting in increased availability, improved utilization, and billions worth of cost savings and profitability. For more information visit

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