Infratel Launches MightyCall React, the Zero-Agent Contact Center App for Small Business

Infratel, a global provider of contact center solutions for small and mid-size businesses, today at The Small Business Expo in Miami, FL announced the launch of MightyCall React and the companion product, MightyCall React Mobile for iOS. The two products make up a comprehensive solution enabling small business teams to work together more efficiently to receive, review and respond to customer requests from anywhere. 

Customer interaction preferences are quickly changing according to Forrester’s 2013 data about communications channels. While voice is still the most widely used channel at a 73% utilization rate, other channels are becoming increasingly important. Customers want easier access to businesses and faster responses. Customers don’t care that small businesses run lean. MightyCall React enables the small business to support a variety of technology forward communication channels that their customers want to use, while enabling the small business to handle these requests without the need for dedicated phone agents.

MightyCall React consolidates inbound customer requests from the business website, social media sites including Twitter, common email inboxes and the business phone number into a single, easily managed activity queue. Using the web interface or the smartphone app, the activity queue can be reviewed & managed by any participating member of the team ensuring timely follow up to customer requests and sales opportunities.

MightyCall React includes a web-based interface, MightyCall React Mobile for iOS, a Twitter connector, an integrated “Contact Us” webpage widget, a WordPress plug-in and a common email drop-box.

MightyCall React Mobile for iOS enables small business teams to quickly review and respond to customer inquiries while on the go. The animated dashboard helps the user prioritize their actions to meet customer expectations. With MightyCall React Mobile, regardless of location, the small business is never out of touch with their customers. MightyCall React Mobile is available as a free download from the Apple App Store.

MightyCall React includes a connecter that can link to a Twitter account automatically turning tweets into actionable tasks. Twitter direct messages as well as mentions appear in the activity queue ready for a quick response from a member of the team.

MightyCall React includes an integrated “Contact Us” widget that acts as a bridge between the website and the MightyCall React activity queue. Website visitors can submit a question, request a callback, download a vCard or get in touch instantly with the click-to-call feature that can ring through to an existing phone number. The MightyCall React “Contact Us” widget code can be accessed via the MightyCall admin interface or installed from the WordPress plug-in directory.

The MightyCall WordPress plugin simplifies the process of adding the MightyCall “Contact Us” page as well as the ability to insert the click-to-call button or mini contact form as a sidebar widget. The MightyCall React plugin for WordPress is available free of charge.

Managing customer requests from third party systems is enabled with the MightyCall React task inbox. The common inbox accepts email messages from users and automatically converts each one into an activity ready for review and response by any member of the team. Eliminate the need to individually monitor & coordinate the response to the sales@, support@ and info@ inboxes for your business.

“The needs of the small business are not well served by today’s expensive, agent-based cloud contact center solutions,” said David Abramowski, VP of Marketing at Infratel. “MightyCall React aims to disrupt the status quo by putting comprehensive contact center capabilities in the pocket of every small business person.”

MightyCall React is being demonstrated today at booth number 613 at The Small Business Expo at the Miami Beach Convention Center. #MiamiSmallBizExpo The MightyCall React basic subscription is available immediately free of charge for up to three users on Additional user packs start at $5 per month per user with the optional voice channel starting at $10 per month per subscription including up to two local or toll-free phone numbers, auto-attendant, personalized greetings, smart call routing and business class email.

About Infratel Inc. (@mightycall) makes solutions that help connect small businesses with their customers. Infratel solutions help entrepreneurs, fast growing startups and well established small businesses build a professional phone presence, grow through voice-based marketing campaigns and improve their ability to respond to customers. Infratel has more than 5000 customers worldwide and helped customers manage 1.5 billion minutes of calls in 2013. Infratel is an independent, privately held company headquartered in Seattle, WA.