Fonality Issued US Patent for Universal Queuing of Inbound Communications

Fonality, the innovative provider of business phone systems and integrated communications solutions designed to reduce the friction that slows business momentum, today announced that it has been issued a US patent for universal queuing of inbound communications. 

Call center software has long had the capability to distribute calls to agents based on availability, work state and other information, such as specialized skills or seniority. As call centers evolved into contact centers, similar features were developed to route email and chat communications, but queues for each type of communication remained separate and agents were assigned to only one type of work at a time. The Fonality patent takes contact center agent work to a different level by allowing distribution of any type of communication to the same agent.

“There has been a shift in the way people prefer to interact with businesses, and the ability to handle many modes of communication efficiently is more important than ever,” said David Scult, CEO of Fonality. “This patent addresses the need for contact center agents to do lots of different work, not just phone calls, and to make sure they are working on the most important interaction at any one time.”

This patent clears the way for Fonality’s products to enable a single agent to accept any combination of voice, chat, email, voicemail and social media interactions, potentially with more than one mode at a time. The intelligence behind the system is designed to permit routing based on pre-defined rules that can be adjusted for each queue, agent or communication type. Businesses without traditional call centers can implement and benefit from efficient handling of these multiple communication types.

“Fonality is dedicated to helping our customers compete by selling, servicing and collaborating with ease,” continued Scult. “The work behind this patent and the innovations that will follow extend this mission beyond voice and will help our clients delight their modern customers.”

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