Bright Pattern cloud contact center software powers Zoyto through severe weather in Texas

In late January, the National Weather Service issued a winter storm watch for 23 counties in Texas; the same storm system that ultimately debilitated Atlanta, Georgia, was bearing down on the Lone Star State and forcing school and business closures. But Zoyto, a logistics and fulfillment company based in Houston, was unconcerned, and with some management forethought, the company never lost a minute of productivity, because they use Bright Pattern’s next generation virtual contact center solution.

According to Liz Chandler, director of contact center services, Zoyto prepared in advance of the storm simply by telling its contact center agents to take their headsets home with them the day before.

“Our agents used their own home computers, both Apple Macs and PCs, across a number of operating systems,” Chandler said. “All they needed were their headsets, Internet access and a web browser.”

As a result, all of Zoyto’s contact center agents were able to do a full-day’s work, despite the bad weather that closed countless other Houston area businesses. Managers and supervisors were able to monitor all contact center activities from their home computers as well as if all agents were in the office.

Zoyto’s successful experience with remote agents has them looking at how to leverage Bright Pattern’s technology to allow special needs employees to work remotely on an as-needed basis. Such accommodations tend to produce happier employees, fosters an employee centric culture and reduces turnover.

Konstantin Kishinsky, CEO of Bright Pattern commended Zoyto for its agility, saying, “businesses that have not yet moved to the cloud are more likely to be shut down in response to severe weather events. Zoyto, leveraging next generation cloud contact center technology, in contrast, was not impacted at all, and is learning from the event how to improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.”

ServicePattern™, Bright Pattern’s next generation cloud contact center offering, enables remote agents, located anywhere, with full supervision, while providing a complete mix of enterprise grade functionality, reliability and security that spans all consumer engagement channels, with a range of deployment options and third-party integrations to drive revenue and productivity.

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