DATEL Software Solutions Announces New Contact Center Software Release

DATEL Software Solutions announced its most recent release of the Unified Contact Center SWEET! (UCCS) for Avaya IP Office. Release 8.1.0 will provide users with an entirely web-based contact center reporting and monitoring tool for both agents and groups. As with all of DATEL’s solutions, this new release is backed with DATEL’s first-rate support.

UCCS contact center management solutions enable businesses of any size to gain valuable insights into their telecommunications activity with both real-time and historical solutions. UCCS allows businesses to get reporting on and monitor real-time activity of all agents and hunt groups. Using this information, organizations can make better informed business decisions to improve customer service, increase sales and enhance their productivity.

Dan Lemke, Principal of DATEL Software Solutions said, “We are so excited about Release 8 because it brings more than a new look and feel to DATEL’s contact center solutions. Release 8 provides users with a streamlined solution for their contact center monitoring and reporting with more customization options than ever before. We understand the challenges that a lot of companies face with managing their communications, and we wanted to provide them with tools that actually fit their needs. This was the foundation when we started designing Release 8, always keeping in mind three key concepts: simplicity, flexibility and scalability.”

Release 8 will bring several key new features to DATEL’s contact center management solutions, including web-based live views, greater customization of features and a quick installer.

T.J. Spohn, Vice President of CPT of South Florida, a long standing Avaya and DATEL business partner said, “There has been a growing need for mobility and flexibility in the call center, so it’s important to have tools that match. DATEL’s solutions have always stood out for being on the cutting-edge of the industry, and Release 8 is a continuation of that growth. With the new browser-based interface and simplified user management, DATEL is making it even easier for businesses to manage their customer communications.”


DATEL Software Solutions, LLC creates innovative, real-time and historical contact center and call accounting applications for business small and large. DATEL’s flexible solutions span the breadth of businesses that may just need to keep an eye on cost control to businesses aspiring to differentiate themselves with excellent customer service. DATEL’s premier solution, the Unified Contact Center SWEET! (UCCS), provides a variety of call reporting and monitoring at tiered levels, allowing businesses to choose the solution that fits their exact needs. DATEL prides itself on outstanding service, and believes you’re not investing in just a software solution, but in a partnership that cares for your business. For more information, visit

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