Putting customers back in control with Visual IVR

Customer contact technology specialist mplsystems is flipping the traditional B2C contact centre model with the introduction of a distinctive new Visual IVR capability that places control back in the hands of customers via their mobile apps.

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By building true Visual IVR functionality into mobile customer service apps, mplsystems provides organisations with a fast, simple and cost-effective means of streamlining their customer service interactions – particularly when those apps are linked directly to core business processes and supported by integral features such as call back.

Rather than struggle with traditional IVR systems, customers can just use an mplsystems-enabled Visual IVR app to navigate within seconds to their chosen service destination. At this stage they can choose to progress using self-service channels, or request a call back knowing that the agent calling them will have all the information needed to complete their interaction.

By combining the ease-of-use of mobile apps with Visual IVR’s ability to handle increasingly complex service processes, organisations can move quickly to reduce their reliance on inflexible IVR channels and use their existing contact resources more effectively.

“Whenever organisations ask people what they can do to improve customer service, the answers are always the same – get rid of frustrating IVR menus, and stop putting me on hold. Given the sheer volume of customer frustration around these two issues, it’s surprising that so many organisations allow these problems to continue,” explained mplsystems’ CEO, Paul White. “With our new Visual IVR solution we’re addressing these critical customer service concerns head on by switching the focus from B2C to C2B, and enabling organisations to provide their customers with a new generation of mobile apps that integrate with existing service channels to effectively sidestep traditional contact centre delays.

“Using Visual IVR can help organisations direct a greater proportion of their interactions through self-service channels, freeing up valuable agent time to handle more complex or escalated interactions,” he added.

mplsystems is also making its Visual IVR-style functionality available within the contact centre. With the latest release of its intelligentDesktop agent desktop supporting touch screen enabled desktop applications delivered via Microsoft Windows 8, agents can benefit directly from a really simple way of progressing today’s increasingly complex omni-channel interactions.

About mplsystems:

mplsystems brings together multi-channel contact centre technology with innovative customer service and sales software. Its intelligent desktops offer a single view of customer activities across the business, helping clients to resolve queries faster whilst benefiting from more integrated processes, faster deployment and dramatically reduced IT costs. For more information please visit www.mplsystems.co.uk