Intradiem Expands Global Reach through Workforce Optimization Specialist Call Design Partnership

Intradiem, the leading provider of intraday management solutions, and Call Design Inc. have partnered to improve contact center productivity, agent performance and the customer experience for organizations in North America, Europe and Asia/Australia by leveraging both intraday management and workforce optimization technologies.

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This partnership enables Call Design to promote and market Intradiem’s intraday management technology as an integral part of their Workforce Optimization services suite. As Aspect Software’s largest global Workforce Optimization Business Partner, Call Design provides an optimal mix of technical and operational knowledge and experience to help customers achieve targeted business outcomes. Maximizing the effectiveness of all customer services staff across an enterprise – front office, back office and branches – is Call Design’s specialty, and the addition of Intradiem’s intraday management technology will provide significant benefits to customers of both Intradiem and Call Design.

“Many contact center organizations are looking for innovative technologies to find new areas where improvements and efficiencies can be layered into their operations to elevate their customer experience initiatives,” said Matt McConnell, chief executive officer for Intradiem. “By partnering with undoubted industry leaders, Call Design, we will expand our reach and help more companies realize the potential of intraday management for creating agile workforces, giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace.”

Realizing workforce optimization productivity improvements across the customer services function is more and more an enterprise-wide conversation. Blending front and back office activities, as well as potentially branch-based staff, is where leading customer service organizations are heading. Call Design’s ability to apply WFM, analytics and now Intradiem’s intraday management technology will create benefits to organizations that could provide productivity gains in excess of 25 percent per annum. With offices across Asia, Europe and the US, Call Design is uniquely placed to deliver these benefits anywhere in the world.

“Call Design’s business model is simple – it’s about our people,” says Michelle Gaffney, Director of Sales and Marketing, Call Design (NA) Inc. “We employ the very best people in the industry who understand the value of utilizing workforce optimization products and services across an enterprise. Being the best and wanting to provide the best for our customers, we work hard to achieve maximum results for them. The addition of Intradiem to our optimization suite means we continue to add the best products in the market that will enable our staff to continuously improve and optimize our customers’ workforce and processes. That is always our goal.”

About Call Design

Call Design is Aspect Software’s largest Workforce Optimization channel partner globally. With its head office in Sydney, Australia, Call Design has taken its expertise to the Philippines and Hong Kong in Asia. It began its European operations in 2012 through its offices in Barcelona and London. Call Design opened its North American presence in Nashville a year ago. Call Design is the world’s leading consultancy-based organization that focuses on bringing enterprise-wide Workforce Optimization solutions as they relate to business outcomes to Customer Service operations. For more information, visit the company’s website at

About Intradiem

Intradiem, formerly Knowlagent, is the leader in intraday management solutions for contact centers. Its patented software increases agent performance and productivity by making idle time useful, enabling agents to work on personalized and prioritized activity queues consisting of training, coaching, communication and other off-phone activities. Intradiem’s solutions are on-demand, easy to use and require no capital expenditures. More than 450,000 agents and managers around the world use Intradiem’s solutions every day. For more information, call 888-566-9457 or visit us online at