Verint Q&A – No. 12

Verint LogoQuestion: How do you feel about reskilling agents on the fly, shifting them from cold queues to hot queues?


If the business is outsourcing and there’s money at risk if service levels are not met, I think reskilling agents on the fly can make economic sense. There are other businesses besides the outsourcing industry where a somewhat relentless focus on interval service levels is either required or desired. That said, I feel that reskilling agents on the fly speaks to a technology problem not an operational problem.

It’s this simple: You shouldn’t have to manually reskill agents at all. Your interaction routing engine(s) should be capable of understanding all the skills each individual employee possesses and enable you to build a set of rules how to utilize employees based on their individual skills.

And by the way, reskilling agents on the fly really messes up the data for WFM forecasting and scheduling.