Teradata Customer Interaction Manager 7 now includes Embedded Predictive Analytics

Teradata Corp., the leading analytic data platforms, marketing applications and services company, today announced immediate global, cloud-based availability of the newest version of its industry-leading Campaign Management solution for data-driven marketing — Teradata Customer Interaction Manager.

Today’s marketers want a solution that blends multiple sources of customer data and enables a seamless conversation with those customers across any and all customer contact channels.

Customer Interaction Manager is a comprehensive solution used by marketing departments at many of the world’s leading brands to analyze customer data, segment specific audiences, trigger “events” that lead to relevant, measureable real-time customer engagement, and choreograph multi-channel dialogue across online and offline channels.

By empowering marketers to make better value-oriented decisions based on the known or predicted interests and needs of consumers — and their company’s business as a whole — marketing budgets can be stretched further while results are continually improved.

As a key part of Teradata’s Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) portfolio, Teradata Customer Interaction Manager is a central application hub that helps data-driven marketers derive more insights from their data so they can do more to increase the value of customer relationships, and drive top-line growth. Appropriate insights are shared across the organization through this cloud-based solution, available anywhere and anytime, and contribute to marketing flexibility and agility from strategy to implementation through reporting and analysis.

“Overstock.com has in place a global big data marketing strategy that leverages the broad technology integration available through Teradata,” said Mike Breitenbeker, manager, Data Warehouse Applications, with Overstock.com. “Teradata Customer Interaction Manager plays a central role in that strategy by helping us to achieve a real-time integrated marketing environment, so we can consistently engage in the most meaningful ways with our customers.”

Along these general lines, by using Customer Interaction Manager, other Teradata customers reported that they have:

  • Increased customer profitability by 50%;
  • Increased campaign conversion rates by 20%; and,
  • Improved campaign results by 35%.
  • The Power of Open Data Access, Predictive Analytics and Visualization

With Teradata’s new embedded predictive analytics and open access to data anywhere, marketers are enabled to better understand customer behavior and preferences — including knowing which channels or methods are best to use to achieve the most personalized communication. Such intelligence gives the marketer an understanding of whom to contact, when, by what method and with what specific offers, thereby improving campaign results. Plus, those results can literally now be seen, understood and reported as they are happening, through Customer Interaction Manager’s enhanced data visualization capabilities.

Teradata Customer Interaction Manager delivers the industry’s most comprehensive, integrated and agile campaign management offering, featuring many new capabilities that improve campaign performance, such as:

  • Open Access to “data anywhere” on multiple databases (including Teradata, Oracle and SQL Server) and from multiple data sources (such as web, social, lists or call center data), so marketers can know more about their customers and do more to engage them in better ways;
  • Embedded Predictive Analytics that enables marketing professionals to do what they used to rely on data scientists to do – with just a single click in the application;
  • Expanded Data Visualization for faster interpretation and reporting through Visual Insights;
  • Mobile-Enabled Dashboards for the marketer on the go;
  • Integrated Digital Messaging and Personalized Landing Pages to help marketers deliver more relevant offers to their customers; and,
  • Enhanced Real-Time Integration Manager (RTIM), including integration with third-party website tagging solutions. By capturing previous web browsing behavior, marketers can leverage inbound and outbound marketing intelligence to better engage with their customers.
  • “Because of how broadly integrated it is with other Teradata offerings, Customer Interaction Manager is the ideal solution for marketers looking for better ways to interact with their customers. It is highly suitable for future expansion and ongoing development and can be leveraged by both enterprise and mid-market companies,” said Teradata’s Gonzalo Hidalgo, general manager, Campaign Management/IMM. “As a key component in the Teradata Unified Data Architecture, Customer Interaction Manager is the gateway to integrating enterprise customer data and using Teradata’s Big Data Discovery platform. Through integrated Marketing Operations, Predictive Analytics, Inbound Marketing & Real-time Offer Decisioning, as well as Digital Messaging and Integrated Reporting, only Teradata can combine insights from both digital and offline campaigns to form a complete 360-degree view of all customer interactions.”

Industry analyst firm Gartner Inc., for each of the past eight years, has positioned Teradata as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Multi-Channel Campaign Management (MCCM). In its 2013 report, Gartner said, “Leaders consistently do considerably better in overall campaign management performance for basic and advanced campaigns, and for integration with digital marketing. They have high market visibility, high market penetration, strong market momentum and a strategic vision for growing the campaign management business.”


Teradata Customer Interaction Manager is available now, worldwide. For added choice and flexibility, individual modules are licensed to deliver comprehensive Campaign Management functionality. The solution is entirely based on industry-standard technologies, provides easy-to-use and intuitive interfaces, supports data from any database, and runs on multiple database architectures and also runs in the cloud. Both the application environment and the customer database components can be delivered out of a highly secure remote data-center (“cloud”) facility or deployed on customer premises. Professional Services are also available throughout the globe. For more information, go to www.teradata.com.

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