JTN Research Extends Commitment to Confirmit to Support Triple-Digit Growth and Major Expansion

Confirmit, the leading global solutions provider for Customer Experience, Employee Engagement and Market Research is pleased to announce that JTN Research has placed Confirmit at the center of its business development plans with a further three year investment in the solution.

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As one of the leading online Market Research (MR) companies in Central and Eastern Europe, JTN Research reviewed the solutions available to the MR industry at the end of 2013 and decided to expand its investment in Confirmit to support the business in several key areas and secure future success.

Danyo Dimitrov, Managing Director at JTN Research, said: “2014 marks the beginning of substantial expansion plans for the company. We intend to add 10 new online panels to our current offering over the year, starting with Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Serbia and Slovenia in the first instance. It quickly became clear during the review process that the variety of functions provided by Confirmit simply wasn’t available elsewhere. Continuing to partner with Confirmit will guarantee the support we need for our panel development program.”

Dimitrov also explained that the company’s determination to improve panelist experience was a key factor in partnering with Confirmit. The JTN Research team is currently working to add extra features to its panels to increase links to a range of social media platforms, to improve panel care and to support respondent interaction. Dimitrov believes that Confirmit has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to act on changes in respondent behavior, surveying patterns and new channels.

“Our determination to expand our service portfolio and provide comprehensive solutions for our clients continues to be best served by the wide variety of capabilities that Confirmit offers. The JTN team can easily meet all client requirements, starting with advanced survey programming and moving on to cutting edge analysis and reporting. We are confident that Confirmit will allow us to provide our clients with speedy, in depth insight and in addition, we can take mobile to a whole new level of detail and proficiency,” added Danyo Dimitrov.

“The reliability and diversity of the Confirmit platform has ensured that we can focus on doing things better and faster, without compromising our core capabilities. Our confidence in the reliability of Confirmit has ensured the sustainable growth of JTN Research business over the last 3 years, resulting in a triple digit increase in revenue each year, of which we are extremely proud. The decision to reinvest in Confirmit to support our growth plans is the only logical step to take and we look forward to working with Confirmit for the next three years.”

Tim Hannington, EVP, Confirmit added: “We are delighted that JTN Research has placed Confirmit at the heart of its growth plans. Our research and development team is committed to a process of continuous improvement in order to ensure that we meet the ever changing needs of the MR industry and we are pleased that this investment provided JTN Research with the reassurance that Confirmit continues to be the best platform to support its business in the future.”