UBL Selects VoiceTrust for Voice Biometrics Solutions

VoiceTrust has announced it has been selected by United Bank Limited (UBL) for the delivery of voice biometrics solutions to authenticate its retail and enterprise customers.

UBL will deploy VoiceTrust’s VTAssure platform to verify the identity of customers, government employees, and pensioners automatically using their voice. This increases account security by authenticating people based on who they are, as opposed to what they know.

Voice biometrics improves the call center experience with a faster identity verification process and reduces the need for customers to remember repetitive PINs, passwords, and security questions. The solution integrates with the Altitude uCl suite for a seamless IVR authentication experience for both English and Urdu speakers.

The bank will also securely authenticate pensioners with VoiceTrust Proof-of-Life®, the world’s first solution to prevent pension fraud and overpayments with voice biometrics. Pensioners will verify their identity over the telephone using a spoken passphrase before funds are released, saving them from travelling to a branch and waiting in line, making the process more convenient.

VoiceTrust was selected based on its proven track record of successful enterprise voice biometrics deployments, strength and flexibility of its platform, and ability to support UBL’s long-term customer experience strategy.

“We are pleased to receive this opportunity to expand the impact voice biometrics has on security and customer experience in the global financial sector,” said Tariq Habib, CEO of VoiceTrust. “Our voice biometrics solutions help organizations such as UBL deliver the optimal balance between security, convenience, and cost savings.”

About United Bank Limited

Founded in 1959, United Bank Limited (UBL) is one of Pakistan’s largest private banks with a global strategic outlook and a strong track record of business growth, in terms of both volume and profit. UBL operates a network of more than 1,200 branches across Pakistan, including nine domestic Signature Priority Banking lounges and 17 overseas branches. UBL offers a dynamic portfolio of globally competitive products and services. With a credit rating of AA+/A-1+ and a customer base exceeding 3.5 million, UBL is at the forefront of the banking and financial services sector in Pakistan.

About VoiceTrust

We provide voice biometrics solutions that deliver a more secure and convenient authentication experience that goes beyond passwords and PINs. Founded in 2000, the world’s largest banks, insurance companies, call centers, and enterprises rely on our solutions to verify the identity of millions of their customers and employees. Founded in 2000, the privately-owned company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with additional offices in the USA, Germany, and UAE. For the latest insights on security and user authentication visit www.voicetrust.com.