ChatBee Live Chat Service Helps SaaS Businesses Increase Their Conversion Rate

ChatBee Live Chat Outsourcing Service are pleased to introduce the innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) conversion rate challenge. The importance of conversion rates for SaaS businesses cannot be neglected and ChatBee can help in increasing them significantly.

ChatBee can uncover hidden objections, identify valuable features, and Improve the conversion rate of site visitors to leads. The SaaS sales process is a considered one, with potential buyers seeking to gain a deep understanding of how the product will meet their needs before taking the next step. However, most SaaS businesses don’t know how their visitors are evaluating their product and making their decisions? Many SaaS businesses initially think just by offering a “Free Trial” they will get sign ups in huge numbers. It’s not as easy as that. Every SaaS product offers Free Trials.

ChatBee helps SaaS businesses figure out what questions and objections their visitors had, and they could address them up front, and turn more website visitors into leads, trials and customers. Lowering the costs in sales and marketing that it takes to acquire a new customer and increasing the profit made from each one of them is a key priority for SaaS companies. And ChatBee is the right solution. As Ryan Newman, CEO at ChatBee, analyzes, “Without question, “Live Chat” will increase your company’s sales by improving your firm’s ability to effectively communicate with its customers. If your business has been looking for a way to boost your revenue without having to spend a great deal of money to accomplish it, we are here for you”.

Mr. Newman explains, “The name of the game when it comes to business, is to do everything you possibly can that is not cost prohibitive to make your customers as happy and content as possible. After all, if a person is satisfied with the product and service your firm’s supplies, they are much more likely to turn into a repeat customer, which is what it is all about, isn’t it?”

ChatBee helps businesses to generate leads, increase sales and improve customer service and can now provide a unique Live Chat outsourcing service with 100% uptime or service guarantee. They offer affordable and multi-channel contact center services with a human touch.