Bright Pattern and thinkingVoice Deploy Cloud-based Lead Enhancement Engine for TCPA Compliance

Bright Pattern, the only provider of next generation cloud based contact centre software, and thinkingVoice have announced the deployment of an integrated, cloud-based, solution that implements a new model for real-time lead qualification and regulatory compliance.

Changes to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act late last year have tightened restrictions on consumer outreach, and continue to reverberate throughout the contact center industry.

This new, integrated, solution is based on thinkingVoice’s unique self-service lead management engine and Bright Pattern’s next generation cloud based contact center software. Vertically agnostic, the solution is already in operation serving the education, mortgage, insurance and eldercare services industries.

Marketers and advertisers benefit from lower lead sourcing costs, higher quality leads, and strict adherence to applicable regulations that govern the lead supply chain.

DC Cullinane, founder and CEO of thinkingVoice, said, “We are deeply embedded in the supply chain, working to establish and sustain best practices around lead qualification, value enhancement and agent workflow. We’re realizing significant operational efficiencies that benefit the entire ecosystem of marketers and advertisers, all of whom need high quality leads to scale their business.”

Scott Evanson of Smart Rhino Labs, a digital marketing agency, explained, “Working with service providers or call centers who have the ability to ingest customer information in real-time helps both advertisers and marketers to monetize customer inquiries more efficiently. It also helps validate the data that agents dial to ensure they are in compliance with government regulations.

“thinkingVoice has been nothing but professional and responsive as we’ve worked with them in recent years. Having a piece of technology that does validation on purchased records in real-time helps the end user get the best return on their media spend by eliminating records with bad data or rejecting records that don’t meet their standards. Having service providers like thinkingVoice in the industry that push for next level performance and efficiency is refreshing.”

About Bright Pattern

Say goodbye to overly complex and costly contact center infrastructure. Bright Pattern offers the next generation of cloud-based contact center and customer experience management solutions. With flip-the-switch activation, you can deploy in days and make changes in minutes. As a multichannel, unified, fully featured solution, our ServicePattern™ platform helps you manage the complete life cycle of customer experience. Architected from the ground up as a cloud-based service, Bright Pattern offers the right blend of enterprise-grade functionality, reliability, and scalability not otherwise available in the industry. For more information, visit

About thinkingVoice

thinkingVoice has created a sophisticated cloud based campaign management platform that increases agent performance and revenue yield for call centers. This one-of-a-kind self-service lead enhancement engine delivers better quality leads to end users, and ensures regulatory compliance, to better service the education, mortgage, insurance and other markets. The system creates simplicity, fosters compliance and operates at scale. The engine is for marketers and advertisers that require regulatory compliant lead qualification and enhancement services in order to improve lead quality and scale their business.