VXI Global Solutions Calls on HireIQ to Automate, Improve Applicant Selection Process

HireIQ Solutions, the innovative leader in predictive analytics and virtual talent acquisition solutions for customer-facing organizations, today announced that VXI Global Solutions, a leading customer experience and information technology outsourcer, has selected the company to help it transform its recruiting and hiring. The company’s award-winning, cloud-based virtual interviewing software is being implemented to streamline the hiring process, reduce time-to-fill and increase employee retention.

VXI consistently places as one of the Top 10 business process outsourcers in Technology Marketing Corporation’s annual survey of the Top 50 Teleservices Agencies. It employs over 10,000 in locations throughout the world, including the United States, the Philippines and China. Its call center operations serve some of the most well-known brands in the consumer electronics and cable and telecom industries.

“Speed-to-hire, quality-of-hire and employee retention are significant competitive differentiators for VXI,” said Albert Galarza, VXI’s vice president of human resources. “Even small improvements in these metrics can yield significant benefits in terms of margin, profitability and client retention. HireIQ has proven itself to be a valuable partner in this regard. For example, the use of its virtual interviewing platform, InterviewIQ, has already improved our Talent Acquisition practices including quality of hire and likelihood of superior employee performance. “

HireIQ transforms the talent acquisition process for customer-facing organizations by linking stakeholder-observed business outcomes, such as operational performance and retention with the results of pre-hire digital interviews. As a result, companies improve their hiring decisions, reduce the critical time-to-fill interval, lower recruiting costs and increase employee retention and performance.

“Customer contact organizations like VXI know that delivering an exceptional customer experience begins with recruiting and hiring the right people,” said Dan Drechsel, chief executive officer for HireIQ. “HireIQ’s innovative virtual interviewing and predictive analytics software applications are used to efficiently and effectively screen thousands of applicants each day. Our clients report significant improvements in hiring performance, especially in the critical 90-day post-hire interval.”

About HireIQ

HireIQ revolutionizes talent acquisition for front-line customer service positions such as those in call centers, retail stores, branch banking, quick-service restaurants and hospitality by automating the early-stage screening process, automatically assessing for critical communication skills, and using outcomes-based data to facilitate continuous performance validation. HireIQ’s solutions enable companies to improve their hiring decisions, reduce time-to-fill, reduce recruiting costs, and increase talent performance and retention through its on-line virtual interviewing software, novel predictive analytics solutions, and structured feedback between recruiting and its stakeholders. HireIQ is a privately held company based in Atlanta, GA. For further information, please visit www.hireiqinc.com