Push Technology Announces Diffusion™ Mobile Application Platform

Organizations are attempting to build high performance mobile applications across multiple platforms and devices. But not all mobile development and runtime platforms are created equally. Organizations are challenged with trying to prioritize which mobile platforms to deliver apps on first and how to deliver consistent, easy to use and fast services. 

Push Technology, a leading provider of data distribution solutions enabling scalable and efficient web and mobile applications, today announced Diffusion Mobile Application Platform (MAP)™ to solve mobile application development challenges, quality of service and scalability problems.

With Diffusion MAP, application developers can easily build and deploy high-performance multi-platform mobile applications that can scale across devices and platforms, interact in real-time and manage and optimize mobile devices, data and the cost of managing these applications. Diffusion MAP also extends the enterprise to its mobile employees and customers, deployed securely and in compliance with internal policies and industry regulations.

“Content distributed in two-way conversations from the end-user to the customer and back is only increasing as is the number of connections to these applications,” said Lee Cottle, VP of Business Development and Global Alliances, Push Technology. “We’ve combined our Diffusion technology with a leading mobile application development solution to enable every application to be built, tested, run and managed easily while also ensuring high performance, and scalability.”

Developers can build and test an application once and then deploy it across all current and future mobile operating systems. The Diffusion MAP platform will provide real-time data communication and quality of service, allowing vast amounts of live data to be sent to and from the application, regardless of the quality of the mobile network.

Cottle continued, “The business benefits of Diffusion MAP include an optimized mobile experience to build customer loyalty, the ability to deliver excellent consistency of service, support for bring your own device (BYOD) and a smart workforce.”

Proven in high-performance financial and mobile gaming applications, Diffusion is able to intelligently understand data so that out of date or redundant data is automatically removed. This allows developers to efficiently distribute fast changing data to a large number of simultaneously connected users, while reducing the amount of infrastructure and bandwidth required by the mobile application. Additionally, if a mobile user loses the network, Diffusion can automatically reconnect when the user is back in signal and update the missing data, providing a seamless user experience.

Push Technology’s Diffusion MAP is available through Arrow now. Push Technology will provide technical support, consulting and training services.

About Push Technology

Founded in 2006, Push Technology is a leading provider of data distribution solutions enabling organizations to deliver efficient, high performance, conversational, web and mobile applications. Push Technology’s Diffusion™ software serves as a development platform to remove the complexity and associated challenges of developing for scale, coping with the explosion of data across networks, delivering a rich application experience and real-time conversational interactions. Diffusion gives developers the ability to create high performance, value driven, reliable web and mobile applications. Push Technology solves data distributions problems for all organizations including the e-gaming, financial services, distribution and logistics, media and broadcast and transportation sectors. Customers include bet365, Betfair, Betdaq, Compliant Phones, ICAP, Lloyds Bank, Oddschecker, Racing Post, Sportingbet, Tradition and William Hill.