Gulliver Travel Associates delivers a worldwide Customer Experience with SDL

PRESS RELEASE: SDL announced that GTA, part of Kuoni’s Global Travel Services Division and a leading B2B travel provider, has selected SDL to deliver a seamless and personalised customer experience to thousands of users in 185 countries worldwide.
As a global travel leader processing over 21,000 bookings per day in more than 25 languages online, GTA depends on SDL’s translation technology to localise tens of thousands of hotel and ground travel descriptions to its global customer base. The end result is a consistent customer experience, customised by language and culture, delivered around the world. 

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In order to support the considerable growth in translation volume experienced over the past few years, GTA uses a combination of products within the SDL Language Platform: SDL WorldServer and SDL BeGlobal . SDL WorldServer increases the efficiency of its human translation process, allowing GTA to go to market faster with reduced turnaround time; making it an even more competitive option for the hospitality and tourism businesses that are its customers. SDL BeGlobal machine translation technology enables GTA to handle the increased translation volumes and enter markets in new geographies at a lower cost and risk.

“Our global business of contracting hotel rooms and ground travel services is growing so fast we had to call ‘time out’ on traditional translation and look for an innovative solution that could cope with translating tens of thousands of product descriptions, drawn from 185 countries,” said Kevin Ashbridge, Content & Translation Manager at GTA. “We confidently selected SDL BeGlobal machine translation to deliver quality localised content to our customers in a timely, cost effective manner, helping our customers be more successful with our platform.”

In response to an increasingly international and digital business community, SDL Language Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of translation technology and services that easily scale and integrate to address globalisation requirements for any business and any language. Over the past 10 years, the online population has decreased from 80 percent English, down to 20 percent. Considering this reversal, the ability to engage with customers in their local language and with consideration for cultural nuances is something global brands cannot overlook.

“The foundation of GTA’s business depends on a consistent brand experience that can be transferred to thousands of customised and localised pieces of content, shared with customers around the world,” said Dominic Kinnon, CEO of SDL Language Solutions. “We’re proud to add GTA to our roster of global businesses that depend on our leading language translation technology as part of their overall strategy for customer experience management.

About GTA

Part of the Kuoni group, GTA is a worldwide wholesale travel provider with properties sourced from tens of thousands of travel suppliers in nearly 190 countries. Its booking sites – GTA retail, TravelCube and Travel Bound, as well as GTA wholesale – and XML system together bring hotels over 21,000 bookings every day.

About SDL

SDL (LSE: SDL) allows companies to optimise their customers’ experience across the entire buyer journey. Through its web content management, analytics, social intelligence, campaign management and translation services, SDL helps organisations leverage data-driven insights to understand what their customers want, orchestrate relevant content and communications, and deliver engaging and contextual experiences across languages, cultures, channels and devices.

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