Case Study: STD Multiopción / Aspect Software

aspect-logo-std-full-RGBCASE STUDY: STD incorporates Aspect® Social for integrated management of its customers’ social networks 


  • Management of all social network processes using a single tool
  • Great capacity for volume management, in a variety of channels
  • Integration possibilities offered by a “cloud” type tool
  • An end to “cottage-industry” style management in social network accounts
  • Compilation of real-time information on social network conversations

The organisation

STD started out in 1991 and currently has a team of more than 400 professionals. Its mission is to meet the needs of its clients in a profitable way, through contact centre and business process outsourcing (BPO) services, which contribute maximum value in customer relationship management (CRM), adapting to the channels preferred by the clients. STD aspires to be a customer relations centre, a leader in specialisation in the Spanish domestic market for the Insurance and E-commerce sectors, recognised for the quality of its services in the BPO arena. STD considers customer experience to be a priority and strives to surpass customer expectations in each point of contact with the company.

Motivation for change

For some time, STD had been looking into how to respond to the increasing demand for customer service on social networks.

“Many companies feel out of their depth when handling the social channels because they think that their image is at stake if the information is transmitted incorrectly. It’s the same situation as the one we had years ago with voice communication, and more recently with e-mail, but we manage both of them effectively from the contact centre because we have the protocols, the technology and the right people to do so,” explained Fran Muiños, Social Media Manager at STD-Multiopción.

STD was faced with a very clear challenge: to find a unified and integrated solution enabling management of the Social Media channels within a call centre.

“As far as we are concerned, social networks are channels for communication between companies and their clients, which is why we think the natural location for managing them is the contact centre, just like the voice channel, e-mail, SMS or any other message, particularly when we are talking about high volumes of interactions,” explained Muiños.

“Obviously there are lots of tools we could use, but for customers with a large number of followers and conversations it is unviable to manage social networks efficiently in a cottage-industry kind of way,” he added.

STD was looking to place a stake on a technology that would give it the greatest amount of information possible in real time about the conversations, as well as training of the personnel managing the communities. It was also important to adhere at all times to a style guide, created specifically for each customer, which set out the whole process to be followed, thereby minimising the possibilities of communication problems.

The desired solution

To meet this challenge, STD has incorporated Aspect® Social, a cloud-based solution that manages interactions between organisations and their customers on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and online communities, aligning STD with its contact operations with the customer. This solution enables STD to go beyond passive monitoring of social channels and offer specific responses, by giving contact centre agents the ability to engage customers using contact centre best practices and respond in a timely way on queries or comments in the social environment. Agents can even interact with customers in a proactive way to predict certain disturbances, such as power failures or travel delays.

Aspect Social enables STD to identify, prioritise and route automatically social networks related to customer service through the most suitable agent in the contact centre, as well as measuring the effectiveness of the response. This also provides specific tools and skills to respond to the needs of the contact centre’s agents and supervisors.

Why Aspect?

STD drew up a comparison of the solutions available and made its selection based on numerous factors.

“It was a far from easy task. We are very demanding because we are aware of the importance of the technology in this process,” explained Muíños. “Aspect Social checked all the boxes in terms of what we were looking for. The most attractive feature for us was its ability to manage volumes, its multi-channel aspect and the integration possibilities. It is a ‘cloud’-type, multi-language tool and it follows a similar model to the processes we already have in other channels. We have placed our trust in Aspect Social because it can effectively manage a high volume of conversations with complete control of what is happening in real time and the future possibilities for integration of channels in a single tool,” he added.

The result of this cooperation “has been very positive and the process has been very fluid. We have worked very well together,” Muiños said.

The results

Muiños described the implementation process as very effective: “Aspect helped us a great deal, allowing us to get the area up and running in a record time. From the moment the definitive decision was taken in terms of the technology to use, we have managed to work very effectively with our customers in a very short time, thanks to Aspect’s help.”

He goes on to say: “We are still learning every day and we hope to continue to do so and improve with every step. The result is very positive as we now have a single management tool that integrates the different processes existing in social media. We analyse the information, and we deal with the conversations and publish content; always from the viewpoint of industrialisation of the process with defined protocols to ensure quality management.”

One of the advantages offered by Aspect Social for improving management of STD customers’ social networks was to put an end to the “cottage-industry” style management which can be found in many social network accounts. A perfectly defined scalable process has been created, with sufficient power to manage anything from a few conversations a day to millions a month, without losing control of what is happening at any time. STD knows exactly where they are and, as a result, can follow a clear procedure. “The company now has a wealth of information that is of great interest in terms of business intelligence; after all, what company is not interested in finding out what its customers think?” explained Muiños.

Aspect Social has been integrated with the rest of STD’s tools in a very natural way. “We are in a process of change and I think it has been very good for us to give some thought in-house to the direction the contact centre needs to take in terms of its possibilities of providing services in the social channels; until very recently, they seemed to be outside its scope, when actually the contact centre is the natural place for them to be managed,” Muiños said.

STD considers the results obtained since the solution was implemented as being very positive in all aspects. The company has managed to achieve a good score in all the points it proposed, and it is more than satisfied with the result.