Intelemedia Receives 2014 Customer Service Rising Star Award from CRM Magazine

PRESS RELEASE: Intelemedia announced today that CRM magazine, has named Intelemedia as a Customer Service Rising Star award winner. The Customer Service Rising Star award recognizes emerging companies which in the past year have made a significant impression on the industry. Leader’s Choice technology not only connects customers to a live agent, but connects them to the best agent available, and provides in-depth analytical reporting. This represents a significant game changer for customers looking to improve their sales and customer service performance.

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CRM magazine, of CRM Media based in New York, covers customer relationship management, which Gartner projects as a $36.5 billion worldwide marketplace by 2017. Annual customer service awards are given to companies that add significant value to the customer experience and include Customer Service Leader Awards, Elite Practitioner Awards and the Customer Service Rising Star Awards. “There are many praiseworthy customer service vendors that, unfortunately, go unnoticed. The purpose of our Rising Star awards is to identify and honor some of these worthy companies,” according to CRM Editorial Director, David Myron.

“Once again, I would like to thank the Intelemedia team, our partners and customers for making Leader’s Choice an award-winning solution. This is the second award we’ve received this year, and it is gratifying that the industry is taking notice of the performances we are helping our customers achieve,” stated David Schreck, CEO of Intelemedia. “From the beginning, our intent was to increase performance for our customers, and design the most efficient and effective outsourcing platform. We designed our solution with an eye towards meeting three critical customer needs; increased sales results, enhanced customer experience and efficient management of outsourced teleservices environments. This recognition affirms that we achieved our goals.”

Since 1993, Intelemedia Communications has provided outsourced contact center services and solutions for call center analytics, performance management, recording, reporting, scripting and routing. Its newest offering, the Leader’s Choice program, is an intelligent routing system that identifies the best agents available in a particular queue and call center at a particular point in time and automatically routes calls to those agents. The technology tracks every call back to the specific call center and agent that handled it and identifies top performers based on predetermined criteria, such as sales conversions, service levels, customer satisfaction scores, average handling times, first call resolutions or whatever other metrics the client wants to employ.

The technology also enables Intelemedia to match specific call types and media types to each agent’s individual skill set, route calls to specific agents based on the caller’s propensity to buy a specific product and identify repeat callers, and, through historic databases, predict if a specific caller is having difficulty resolving an issue. The system tracks the caller’s activity and determines if he should be routed to a specific agent based on that activity. Steve Trifelos, vice president of customer care call management at Intelemedia added, “it’s all about getting a higher percentage of calls to the best agents in the best call centers within the company’s network.”

Ray Wang, founder and principal analyst at Constellation Research, notes that “Intelemedia has executed some great partnerships that allow them to expand into new verticals. Most customers using Intelemedia love the quality of the customer agents.”

“Customers have reported increased sales and conversion rates, better call handling, fewer abandoned calls, shorter calls and improved customer service levels,” Schreck explains. “The tools and features drive performance.”

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Intelemedia improves sales results and enhances customer experience for clients by offering a new breed of call center services that combines an industry-leading technology platform uniting top performing agents from multiple call center companies. One contract, one platform, one invoice makes it easy for companies who want actionable reporting and analytics and only the best-of-breed agents on their programs. Since 1993, Intelemedia has developed elegant telephony and database solutions for the call center industry that transform how organizations more effectively manage call handling and caller experience within their customer service and sales acquisition environments. Intelemedia is privately held and located in Plano, Texas. For more information, visit

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