Frost and Sullivan Study Highlights TalkTalk’s Use of Nexidia to Leverage Big Data, Expand Reach of Interaction Analytics

PRESS RELEASE: Nexidia, a leading provider of customer interaction analytics solutions for business transformation, today announced a new Frost & Sullivan case study that highlights TalkTalk’s use of Nexidia to harness the power of big data, including analyzing traditional customer interaction data, to gain a more sophisticated and holistic customer view, which has enabled a range of operational and customer insights. With Nexidia, the UK provider of fixed-line broadband, voice telephony, TV and mobile services, has developed an unprecedented level of customer analytics capability, which has resulted in dramatically improved customer experience and retention, agent training, compliance, and marketing effectiveness, among other benefits.

The recently published study, “Big Data Applications in the Contact Center: Opportunities and Challenges,” highlights TalkTalk and the value the company has unlocked by merging customer behavioral data—contact center audio and other unstructured data—with its transactional and demographic data, such as customers’ geographic area and spending patterns. The case study details how the company leveraged Nexidia Interaction Analytics to overlay these two traditionally compartmentalized data sets to develop a “complete 360-degree view of the customer,” which in turn, is delivering business and customer insights that are driving more effective and efficient operations throughout their contact center operations and beyond.

According to Nancy Jamison, principal analyst, Customer Contact for Frost & Sullivan and author of the study, adding business intelligence from the contact center into the traditional sources of information companies already collect broadens their big data stream and “allows companies to approach business challenges in new and innovative ways” and “provides additional and sometimes dramatic insights into customer behavior.” The study concludes, “In short, Nexidia Interaction Analytics has enabled TalkTalk to better understand its customers” and “validate assumptions on what customers are really experiencing and, in turn, allows the company to improve product and service delivery and consistency.”

In an effort to drive better service levels and reduce business risk in a tighter regulatory environment, TalkTalk initially invested in speech analytics to drive contact center improvements, ranging from customer experience to agent training and compliance issues. Today, the company leverages Nexidia to analyze more than 14,000 hours of audio each day across its worldwide operations and is able to conduct multi-channel analysis across all customer interactions, including voice, chat, email, social media, and surveys.

The case study further describes the evolution of TalkTalk’s customer interaction analytics program by detailing how the company took its Voice of the Customer (VoC) initiative to the next level by adding layers of operational and big data elements to develop a “single source of the truth” about each customer. The report concludes by summarizing the tangible results enabled by this new level of customer insight, including best-in-class service quality, targeted agent coaching, competitor/marketing insights, and improved operational efficiency.

“The key challenge in gaining a holistic customer view was to find an interaction analytics solution that was scalable, flexible, and accurate enough to first transform our unstructured customer interaction data into empirical, quantifiable business intelligence,” commented Geoff Smyth, consumer operations director for TalkTalk. “From there, we were able to merge this unstructured data with other structured data sources in order to give us a more complete picture of the customer journey. With this unprecedented level of individual customer insight, we’ve been able to unlock a tremendous amount of value by better understanding and predicting customer behavior—enabling us to improve customer experience and loyalty, fine tune our sales and marketing efforts, and shrink operating costs, among other benefits.”

“In order to truly understand their customers and capitalize on their enterprise data, companies need to evolve their analytic capabilities by tapping into the goldmine of data that floods in each day through their contact centers,” said John Willcutts, Nexidia’s president and chief executive officer. “In industry after industry, forward-thinking companies are leveraging Nexidia to help outmaneuver their competition with the ability to better connect the dots and drive smarter, faster, and more sophisticated decision-making.”

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