‘Too much efficiency is not actually efficient’ – new white paper

PRESS RELEASE: Serco Consulting’s Director of Service Solutions Delivery, Keith White, launches his latest white paper, ‘Too much efficiency is not actually efficient’. This paper discusses the importance of companies with shared service operations targeting effectiveness instead of efficiency, and focusing on delivering flexibility in the face of constant change.

This White Paper responds to two common themes in the current market and the shared services/BPO environment. It considers what ‘next generation BPO’ really looks like once you’ve taken the obvious cost savings. And it examines why, if BPO and shared services are seen as a core part of achieving business efficiency, so many users of BPO and shared services are dissatisfied and feeling they haven’t achieved what they wanted, and yet feeling unable to change their situation.

“More and more shared service operations and BPO contracts are discovering the same thing; the relentless and continual pursuit of operational efficiency can only have one outcome; it will eventually fail,” says Keith White.

The key finding of this paper is that when a company’s primary focus is on delivering efficiency then it is by definition limiting its own ability to deliver the kind of service that truly supports front line services. Keith White explains: “To really be effective, shared service operations and BPO relationships must reach beyond efficiency and become partners in achieving business effectiveness, sharing the same goals and rewards as the front line business operations they support.”

The White Paper highlights three common issues that limit a company’s ability to add value to shared service delivery: the arrangement is designed around the cost of the service and not the output or outcome; focussing on measuring inputs such as costs means that a company loses sight of the outputs; and the value of data and talent in shared services is not recognised or used to its potential.

“If we are to achieve a step change in what we deliver through BPO/shared services, then we must get back to what our BPO/shared service operations are really there to do – support the front line in being successful,” Keith White concludes.

Click here to download a copy of the White Paper: ‘Too much efficiency is not actually efficient’