Exony VIM-X drives real business value for next generation contact centres

exony-logo-lgBLOG: By James Hunt, Product Manager, Exony : Exony’s latest platform release, VIM-X, leads the way in innovation enabling enterprises to make better use of resources, improve customer engagement and lifetime value. Its latest features measure the customer experience, manage agent attributes for advanced, skills-based, precision routing and enable users to customize and extend the user interface with leading software vendor gadgets for the first time.

Measure customer experience

Exony is the market leader in operational performance management and now its latest version, VIM-X, is pioneering ways to measure customer experience. This is very exciting as analyzing what engages consumers will help organizations to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and lifetime value.

VIM-X allows enterprises to identify patterns in data and relate them to a business measure, such as a Customer Effort Score (CES). By looking at customer interactions in-depth, for example to see how many customers had to make repeat calls within a given time period, organizations can identify whether consumers are fitting into a pattern of good or bad transactions based on customer experience.

Enterprises will be able to use customer experience data to improve service so customers can achieve what they want on the most appropriate communication channel at the lowest effort to them. Organizations will also be able to balance the cost of improving customer service against the customer lifetime value to see if the investment is worthwhile.

Dynamic Routing

VIM-X provides the ability to model the competencies of individual agents for attributes such as languages spoken, skill sets and experience level. Using Exony’s latest Dynamic Routing tool enterprises can then provide a tailored experience matching the goals and expectations of the customer to the desired level of service.

Based on what the customer wants to achieve, calls can be routed to the agent that best meets the customer’s requirements. With VIM’s Dynamic Routing support the routing engine can make an informed real-time decision on how to treat a customer interaction for optimal outcome. This can mean fast-tracking a high-value customer through to the most qualified agents or inferring that a recent caller has had a negative experience and ensuring they are appropriately handled at the second attempt . Dynamic Routing offers a much more flexible and faster way to route calls enabling organizations to make better use of resources and improve customer service at the same time.

Dynamic Routing can also be used to ensure agents receive a balanced range of call types to keep their skills fresh or to route the type of calls each agent excels at. Providing variety and choice to agents is a great way to improve job satisfaction and reduce attrition.

Dynamic Routing enables organizations to take full advantage of the Precision Routing capability in Cisco’s Contact Center Enterprise platform by incorporating real-time decision support into precision queue rules.

High scalability

To address the needs of the rapidly growing service provider marketplace, VIM-X offers increased scalability. Its fully optimized database structure can accommodate large service provider clients such as Sprint and Bell Canada – with support for hundreds of different call queues, tens of thousands of agents, hundreds of thousands of customers, millions of dialed numbers and customer events.

This scalability is particularly important for contact center service providers that want to offer high volume cloud-based offerings to their customers on demand from a single platform. VIM-X allows organizations to increase or decrease contact center capacity and cater for new business initiatives at the touch of a button. VIM-X’s scalability and capacity to measure customer experience provides an attractive differentiator for contact center service providers.


VIM-X has a highly customizable user interface that can be tailored according to individual end-user roles, communication channels or type of contact center.

The VIM-X gadget framework is based on the OpenSocial standard. OpenSocial is the industry’s leading component model for cloud based social apps which is supported by the major consumer and enterprise social platforms including Google, IBM, Cisco, Salesforce and Jive.

The framework ensures interoperability with a vast range of software vendors’ gadgets so they can coexist on a single dashboard. This allows Exony to include gadgets from leading software vendors on its user interface and for Exony’s gadgets to be included in other OpenSocial based desktops such as Cisco Finesse. This provides a great deal of flexibility in how VIM-X is deployed.

The framework enables Exony to deliver its analytics on contact center insight to anybody in an organization from agents, to supervisors, to marketing employees. It ensures users have instant access the tools and information sources they need and the ability to quickly and easily bring on new capabilities according to their role. For example, a supervisor may want to access analytics, workforce management tools, social networking apps, intranets and customer relationship management software.

This flexibility is crucial as the demands of multi-channel communication evolve and as next generation contact centers invest in mobile app, web experiences and real-time customer service technology.

Exony’s VIM-X platform dramatically enhances business control, usability and data insight. Organizations get the IT benefits of contact center consolidation and centralization, plus the ability to measure customer experience for the first time. It is early days for customer experience measurement but it may just offer the key to making significant gains in customer lifetime value and profitability.

Pictured: James Hunt, Product Manager at Exony 

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