Please Press 1 consumer champion Nigel Clarke to work with SOH to improve phone automated service of UK’s leading businesses

PRESS RELEASE: Expert in service communications SOH today announced that it is working with consumer champion Nigel Clarke at Please Press 1. The move is aimed at helping SOH’s customers improve the service that they provide for callers to their contact centres who use their automated service systems, also known as IVRs. Initially SOH will use Please Press 1’s ‘Phone Rage Index’ data on the IVRs of more than 350 of the UK’s leading companies to help to optimise the design of their clients’ systems.

Talking about working with Please Press 1, Fran Fish, managing director at SOH, says: “With his now famous ‘Phone Rage Index’ for IVRs, Nigel has drawn attention to something that is worrying consumers a great deal. Please Press 1 has created a system that meticulously collects data about IVRs and customer feedback. Combining this with our experience of IVR design will allow us to help our customers to provide better service for their callers.”

Nigel Clarke, managing director of Please Press 1, comments: “My mission is to make service better for consumers. I’ve carefully chosen SOH to work with as it shares my ethos. It has a great deal of experience in IVR design and works with the largest contact centres in the UK. I have been invited into many organisations to discuss their phone menus and I’m now delighted to be helping many more improve their IVRs. It will really make a difference for the many millions of people who are customers of the organisations that SOH works with.”

Fish added: “How callers feel about the IVR they’re using is partly down to those that they’ve used elsewhere. Now our customers will be able to see how they compare to their competitors, and the industry as a whole, across a range of factors that are important to users. These include the number of levels, options per level and the length of time it takes for them to get what they want from systems.”

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About Please Press 1

Launched last May to a great public reaction, The Please Press 1 website helps users to quickly ‘Press Ahead’ through the menu options to the service they require. The website displays the menu options available, often shortening calls by several minutes, saving time, expensive call costs and much frustration.

Nigel believes that good customer service should come as standard, and that this should extend to the phone menu systems that customers have to navigate. His aim is for companies to give much more consideration to their customers when designing these menus, by making them as simple and quick to use as possible.

The ‘Phone Rage Index’ has highlighted the companies with the worst phone menus. It has resulted in many companies, some after discussion with Nigel, improving their phone menus and improving the experience for their customers. As a result many have dropped out of the ‘worst’ Top 20. Nigel continues to offer advice to many companies ahead of the next Index to be published next month