Fonality Introduces Streamlined Pricing and Packages and Announces the General Availability of Heads Up Display (HUD) Web Client

PRESS RELEASE: Fonality, the innovative provider of business phone systems and integrated communications solutions designed to reduce the friction that slows business momentum, today announced a reimagined product portfolio which consolidates all product lines under one code base and the brand name Fonality. Starting today, it offers three streamlined editions of the solution with a choice of deployment and pricing model.

The company also announced the general availability of its award-winning Heads Up Display (HUD) web client. These announcements coincide with the launch of a new no-holds-barred brand persona, complete with a revamped logo and website.

“Growing businesses choose Fonality for our straightforward, unified approach to communications,” said David Scult, Fonality’s chief executive officer. “We’re excited to reveal an even simpler way to select a business phone system that meets current and future needs. Combined with the release of the web client version of our popular Heads Up Display application, we look forward to a new era of helping businesses thrive with innovative communication tools.”

Three Simplified Packages

Fonality’s packages are now streamlined within three tiered editions: Essentials, Professional, and Ultimate. The products known as trixbox and PBXtra will no longer be offered to new clients as such, but the technology, features and deployment options they afforded are available under the new packaging.

  • The Essentials edition includes basic phone features businesses use in day-to-day operations, including on-demand call recording, audio conferencing, a choice of business phones and a web browser click-to-dial plugin.
  • The Professional edition includes the cross platform Heads Up Display web and mobile applications, an integrated softphone, and CRM integration.
  • The Ultimate edition includes Fonality’s full range of features, as well as paperless fax, voicemail transcription, and HD video collaboration with screen sharing across desktop and mobile.
  • Uniquely, all editions include unlimited queues for basic contact center functionality, while advanced call center features are included with the Ultimate edition and available as an add-on for Professional edition.

Fonality designed its packages to offer ultimate versatility to each customer’s unique needs. Each edition can be deployed in the cloud or on premise with a Fonality-provided appliance server, and customers can either purchase VoIP services from Fonality or can bring their own. The Professional and Ultimate editions can also be privately hosted or sold as software, exactly how the legacy trixbox product had been sold. Unlike any other competitor, Fonality offers the same system with a choice of deployment models – cloud, dedicated hosted, hardware on premise, or software – and allows customers to move from one deployment model to another model.

“As our customers change and grow,” said Scult, “Fonality grows with them. We’re the only provider that allows customers to choose their own adventure, and even switch from one to another, as their needs change. We have the most frictionless product on the market.”

New Subscription Pricing

In conjunction with its new packages, Fonality rolled out new subscription-based pricing options for both software and equipment. This change offers greater flexibility to businesses as they grow and evolve, and eliminates the capital investment typically required by an on-premise deployment. Customers who require it for lease or capital expense purposes will still have the option of a one-time payment model for equipment and/or software. Fonality’s strong partner community of agents and resellers provided input to the new pricing options, and together with Fonality’s recently enhanced partner program, demonstrates the company’s commitment to both direct and indirect sales channels.

Heads Up Display – Web

Previously released in beta, Fonality’s award-winning Heads Up Display (HUD) web client is now available to all Fonality customers. HUD Web is an intuitive, web-based application that connects users to all their communication tools – including phone, chat, email, voicemail, video collaboration, audio conferencing, file sharing, and more – in one place.

“Employees today are demanding flexibility and remote work options more than ever before,” said Scult. “We designed HUD Web to empower this modern workforce, and allow businesses to focus on their own growth without location barriers.”

The application enables mobile and remote workers to collaborate seamlessly from wherever they happen to be. Once logged in, calls can be transferred to the user, regardless of location and queue participation is available from anywhere.

HD Video Collaboration

As a plug-in to Fonality’s Heads Up Display, the company is also unveiling another first – true face to face meeting collaboration software that allows up to 25 participants to meet, see each other, talk together, and share desktops. The feature works on both Mac and Microsoft Windows computers, as well as popular smartphones and tablets. True to brand, this new feature will be instantly available as a free trial to all users of the new web-client version of HUD and available for ongoing use for a low, flat monthly per-user fee with unlimited usage.

New Fonality Website, Logo, and Tools

To reflect the company’s rebranding, Fonality also launched a new website and logo. The redesigned website is easier to use, and provides access Fonality’s wide array of educational content – including eBooks, case studies, testimonials, and the company’s blog.

In addition, the company released a new set of industry-leading tools designed to enable partners and staff to seamlessly quote, order, provision, and bill customers.

“There’s no reason for our competitors waste their customers’ time,” said Scult. “It should be frictionless to get a quote, place an order, provision a new customer, or send a bill, and this new suite of tools for our employees and our partners represents our commitment business efficiency.”

For more information on Fonality’s new brand, product editions, features, and more, visit Fonality’s new website at

About Fonality

Fonality provides business phone systems and applications for growing companies. More than 20,000 businesses in 99 countries rely on Fonality to help them sell, service, and collaborate. Fonality customers select the deployment, voice connectivity, and payment options that best meet their needs. Every Fonality edition includes unlimited contact center queues for all employees, and is offered with bundles of critical business applications such as HD video collaboration and call recording. For more information, visit