Ember and Cognia partner to deliver Speech Analytics via the cloud

PRESS RELEASE: Customer management consultancy, Ember Services, has partnered with communications capture, storage and analysis provider, Cognia, to deliver its comprehensive Managed Analytics service via the cloud.

Cognia’s global cloud communications intelligence platform transforms the cost and ease with which organisations can capture, store and analyse voice and multi-channel communications made from any location on any device. It is already used by one hundred financial institutions and some of the world’s largest mobile network operators to monitor and analyse voice interactions for compliance and risk management purposes.

Ember’s Managed Analytics Service, which is used in contact centre environments across multiple industries and the public sector to provide actionable insights that drive operational efficiency and customer experience, will now be deployed via the Cognia Cloud Platform. “This will allow us to deliver second-generation analytics capability,” says David Naylor, Ember’s Head of Analytics. “The Cognia platform’s global footprint will allow us to deploy across all geographies seamlessly, monitoring interactions and providing insights to our clients in near real-time. In addition, the highly secure nature of the platform, developed originally for the rigorous financial services sector, will allow us to operate in transactional environments where PCI compliance is pre-requisite, and to provide absolute security for our clients’ valuable data.”

Cognia, meanwhile, will supplement its cloud platform’s analytics capability with Ember’s consultative and interpretive analytical skills. By doing so it will enable financial institutions to plan and implement effective analytics strategies that drive continuous improvement. At the same time, the partnership will allow Cognia to extend the use of its platform across other industry sectors, where speech analytics can be applied for reasons of compliance, risk management or operational improvement.
“The combination of Cognia’s cloud communications intelligence platform and Ember’s consultative capability creates a highly flexible managed analytics service that organisations can access on a pay-as-you-go basis, considerably reducing the total cost of ownership level, which has hampered the adoption of speech analytics to date,” says Cognia’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ian Hook. “Ember and Cognia’s partnership is based on a common commitment to making speech analytics affordable, effective and universally available via the cloud.”
Both Ember and Cognia are Avaya Technology Partners and deploy Avaya’s best-in-class Speech Analytics as part of their solutions.

To find out more about Ember’s Managed Analytics Service call David Naylor on 44 (0)207 871 9797 or email him at david.naylor@emberservices.com. To find out more about the Cognia Cloud Platform contact Ian Hook on 44 (0)203 301 2915 or email him at ian.hook@cognia.com.

About Ember Services

Ember is a new kind of customer management consultancy focused on helping its clients to realise commercial value from their customer management activities. It does so by identifying and then exploiting opportunities for cost reduction, revenue enhancement and improved customer worth.

In that respect Ember has an unashamedly financial focus and is committed to achieving tangible business benefits. Its recommendations are backed by robust and detailed analysis as well as a clear outline of the financial benefits the client can expect to gain through implementation. In this way Ember provides a clear business case for change, innovation and restructure.


About Cognia

Cognia is a leader in the provision of cloud-based communications and interaction intelligence solutions for enterprises and service providers. A single platform provides secure capture, storage and analytics solutions for multi-channel communications, including fixed-line and mobile, as well as all IP communications.

The Cognia cloud platform replaces the high capex and complex roll-outs of legacy on-premise systems with flexible, pay-as-you-use solutions that can be flexibly delivered across four continents through a single interface. Using the Cognia Cloud, organisations can comply with regulatory requirements such as PCI DSS, improve customer experience and enhance productivity.

Cognia’s solutions include multi-channel cloud-based call recording, the world’s first QSA-validated, PCI DSS Level 1 service on a global carrier-grade platform and interaction analytics that replace the high upfront capital and support costs of on-premise systems, with the flexibility to lower TCO to a level never before possible with traditional solutions.

Cognia’s solutions are used world-wide by financial institutions, enterprises and services providers including Vodafone.