Top Bank Deploys Pilot of Creative Virtual’s Natural Language Self-Help System in Spanish

PRESS RELEASE: Creative Virtual is excited to announce its first V-Person technology install in Spanish for a top financial services company. This Spanish version of the solution is currently available to all of the bank’s many millions of users, with additional self-serve updates being currently added.

The V-Person system provides personalised answers to logged-in customers based on the services and products that they use. The system provides answers to the bank’s customers live, while reporting Voice-of-the-Customer feedback to the bank in real-time. This functionality is made possible by V-Portal™, Creative Virtual’s proprietary knowledge management system that enables answers to be personalised for each user based on their profile.

“Rolling out our V-Person solution to a key Spanish-speaking audience has allowed our client to further personalise the experience of their users and therefore enable even greater customer satisfaction. I think this pilot really showcases how powerful our technology can be for a large organisation,” Richard Simons, CEO, Creative Virtual USA said.

The system was deployed with Creative Virtual’s Financial Services template, which is based on over 3000 questions commonly used in the industry. Creative Virtual also has similar templates for other vertical markets, based on proven customer data.

Creative Virtual offers solutions that enable customers to talk, type and tap to get consistent personalised answers to help users self-serve in any channel. V-Person offers a multi-modal interface with speech-to-text natural language processing built in. V-Portal, our knowledge management system provides a combination of structures for products/services/channels, natural language tools, graphical Dtree editor, integration tools, release management, workflow and provides real-time Voice-of-the-Customer reporting.