Infinity Sales Group Deploys Mattersight’s Predictive Behavioral Routing and Behavioral Analytics Solutions

PRESS RELEASE: Mattersight Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise analytics announced Infinity Sales Group is deploying Mattersight® Predictive Behavioral Routing, following a successful pilot, and has also engaged the company to deploy Mattersight® Behavioral Analytics.

Mattersight first engaged with Infinity Sales Group in January, and shortly thereafter completed an impact analysis using Infinity’s own sales data to demonstrate the potential lift from using Predictive Behavioral Routing to route callers to the call center agent best suited to handle their personality and communication style. Mattersight installed its routing appliance in late March for Infinity Sales Group’s DISH® satellite television call center agents, and the impact was an immediate and compelling lift in sales conversion rates.

In addition to deploying Predictive Behavioral Routing, Infinity Sales Group is deploying Mattersight’s Behavioral Analytics solution across all of its call center agents. As part of this solution, Mattersight’s algorithms and analytics will automatically score calls for compliance, while also providing call recording, quality assurance, interaction analytics, and screen capture.

“We have highly trained, professional sales people selling the best products in the market,” said Ken Rosen, CEO of Infinity Sales Group, “Mattersight helps us go the extra mile and ensure there is the optimal connection between each caller and our sales team, and we have seen fast, compelling results of increased sales and improved business operations.”

“Infinity Sales Group is a premier organization focused on selling and we are delighted to have them as a client. Infinity Sales Group’s commitment demonstrates the compelling strategic value of Predictive Behavioral Routing, and the significant operational value our core analytics drive,” said Kelly Conway, President and CEO of Mattersight.

About Mattersight

Mattersight is a leader in enterprise analytics focused on customer and employee interactions and behaviors. Mattersight®Behavioral Analytics captures and analyzes customer and employee interactions, employee desktop data and other contextual information to optimally route customers to the best available employee, improve operational performance, and predict future customer and employee outcomes. Mattersight’s analytics are based on millions of proprietary algorithms and the application of unique behavioral models. The company’s SaaS+ delivery model combines analytics in the cloud with deep customer partnerships to drive significant business value. Mattersight’s solutions are used by leading companies in Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Cable, Utilities, Education, Hospitality and Government. See What Matters™ by visiting