Five reasons to host your contact centre in the cloud

NVM logo jpgBLOG: Your contact centre is at the heart of your business – after all, no contact, no customers. Yet setting up and running contact centres is expensive and demanding, and many companies do not use the systems they have in the most efficient way. Challenges can include speed of initial deployment, supporting flexible working and ensuring continuous operations. However, with cloud computing, there’s a better alternative. NewVoiceMedia highlights five key benefits of moving your contact centre to the cloud:

1. Set up a new contact centre in weeks not months

A conventional contact centre for a large company might take six months and seven-figure budgets to get up and running. You have to manage multiple vendors, buy lots of equipment and make sure it all works together. With cloud technology it’s a different story. Call centres with hundreds of incoming lines can be set up in a matter of weeks.

2. Grow your contact centre as you grow

Businesses grow and change, offices relocate, mergers and acquisitions happen, recessions and booms come and go. You need a contact centre that supports business change and doesn’t get in the way. Cloud technology is flexible and scalable, meaning it can grow, change and contract in response to your needs; and you only pay for what you use at the time.
It also helps you to cope with fluctuating demand. Every organisation has its busy times – for retailers it’s the Christmas period, and universities are stretched when applicants get their results. With a cloud contact centre, you can scale up and down as required. This flexibility also makes it easier to cope with unexpected peaks, such as product recalls.

3. Improve agent recruitment, retention and flexibility

Cloud technology makes it very easy to implement flexible and home working strategies. This flexibility makes it easier to attract, recruit and retain good staff. It also simplifies compliance with HR regulations and policies. This can reduce costs too. Since the top two expenses in a call centre are payroll and office costs, allowing staff to work from home could reduce both. You can offer shorter shifts and split shifts to staff along with part-time working patterns, confident that you can call on a large pool of agents to meet peak requirements. Similarly, flexible working means that you can size your call centre accommodation for normal operations rather than have enough workstations for peak requirements.

4. Take snow storms, floods and train strikes in your stride.

Every winter seems to bring snow or floods across the country and every summer sees the traditional tube and train strikes. These aren’t disasters like a fire or terrorist attack, but they are frequent and predictably unpredictable. With a cloud contact centre, your business can continue to operate even if your staff can’t get into the office and, of course, there’s no expensive hardware to be flooded or suffer a power cut. Agents can log in from home or from a contingency office and carry on working without interruption.

5. Improve customer service

The best reason for hosting your contact centre in the cloud is to improve your customer service. With cloud technology, you can give priority to your most valuable clients, route
customer calls to the right people or reduce the amount of time people spend on hold or navigating through menus. Your agents are also provided with the correct technology to deliver excellent customer service and they feel happier. This matters because happier agents result in satisfied customers, who are better consumers – which benefits your bottom line!