Isle of Man Government Enhances Citizen Interaction and Internal Efficiency Using Firmstep’s AchieveForms

PRESS RELEASE: The Isle of Man Government is improving its engagement with citizens and boosting efficiency in its internal operations using AchieveForms, the intelligent Web forms solution from Firmstep.

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The forms are a key element in the Government’s online services programme, which aims to make as many services as possible available from its website to improve access for citizens, while reducing administration costs and processing times.

AchieveForms enables the Government to streamline processes for popular services, allowing customers to apply for or request services, as well as comment or report on various aspects in their interactions with Government. Where citizens previously had to download and complete static PDF forms and return them by post, applications can now be submitted directly online, with the forms’ information being processed automatically through integration with back-office systems.

As well as enabling service requests and transactions to be processed in a more efficient and cost effective way, the forms minimise administrative duties for staff. The use of AchieveForms also increases inter-departmental productivity, and supports further financial savings by eliminating the need to outsource development every time a department requires a new form to be made. Any requests for the creation of new forms can now be managed and actioned by the Government’s online services team.

Kath Kermode, Head of Enterprise Application Delivery for The Isle of Man Government, said: “Since starting to use AchieveForms in September 2013, we’re seeing real benefits in terms of enhancing public access to Government services, and reducing the cost of delivering those services. We can easily build forms as required for Government departments to help them improve efficiency, which minimises IT overheads whilst enabling us to easily extend the range of services available online. Having Firmstep’s product in our toolkit gives us the ability to quickly develop the right access solution to meet the perceived service need.”

As the Government serves a relatively small population, with approximately 80,000 people living on the Isle of Man, cost of delivery is a key issue for services which may be in relatively low demand. Whereas previously it would not have been practical or financially viable to offer these services online, Firmstep’s solution enables the Government to deploy even low-usage forms in a highly cost-effective manner. As such, even services which may have under 100 users can now be made available online. Over 20 online forms for services are currently in use, and the Government plans to significantly increase this during 2014.

AchieveForms is the market leading e-forms solution for local government, used by over a third of English councils. It enables agile, rapid deployment and deployment of web forms with automated workflow features, and is part of the suite of solutions delivered on the Firmstep Platform. The Platform has been developed specifically to accelerate channel shift, make council services more accessible, and improve the customer experience. It can deliver complete customer service management across all contact channels, linking to any council back-office system, giving easy, open access to data with no need for complex programming or system changes.