CallFinder Announces Partnership with Customer Centered Strategies to Deliver Speech Analytics Solutions to Improve Business Performance for Call Centers

PRESS RELEASE: CallFinder® announces today a strategic relationship with Customer Centered Strategies, LLC (CCS) to provide cloud-based call recording and speech analytics solutions as a component of CCS’ customer experience and business transformation professional services.

Customer Centered Strategies (CCS) is focused on helping companies enhance revenue generation capabilities and improve operational cost efficiencies through development of excellence in both customer experience and sales enablement processes. CallFinder’s streamlined approach to providing a simple, user-friendly and cost-effective approach to speech analytics opens the door to the technology for a wide range of businesses in the SMB market.

“We are thrilled to establish this valuable relationship with CCS. Their clients are an exact fit for CallFinder’s call monitoring solution, which is proven to help companies discover the content of conversations taking place between their call center agents and customers. We look forward to working with the CCS team to provide their clients with this easy-to-implement technology to record, search and analyze their calls” says Laura Noonan, SVP of sales and marketing at CallFinder.

Through the partnership, CCS clients will have access to inbound call recording, call categorization in real time, phonetic indexing technology, an instant call audio player, call tracking metrics with caller addresses and demographics, along with in-depth onboarding and training support for the CallFinder platform.

“The partnership with CallFinder provides Customer Centered Strategies clients with CallFinder’s innovative cloud-based call recording and speech analytic capabilities, enabling them to effectively leverage call center interactions to improve business performance “ said Shannon Gronemeyer, founder and CEO of Customer Centered Strategies. “Not only does CallFinder’s solution enable enhancements to customer experience and ensure process compliance, it also provides capabilities that lead to increased revenue opportunities and reduced quality assurance costs.“

About CallFinder

CallFinder is an affordable and flexible cloud-based call recording and speech analytics solution that automatically scans recorded conversations in a systematic way, transforming unstructured, unleveraged data into insights that can then be readily examined and acted on. CallFinder will capture the data contained inside conversations taking place between companies and their customers to monitor the Voice of the Customer and improve the customer experience. The CallFinder management team collectively has more than 140 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, ranging from telecom operations, technical hardware and application development, regulatory compliance, and the sales and marketing of telecommunications software and products.

CallFinder is powered by 800response. Founded in 1990, 800response is a leading provider of telecommunications solutions and Web-based marketing technology tools including sophisticated Call Routing platforms, real-time Call Tracking, Custom 800® number service, and Call Monitoring services like Call Recording. Learn more at or call 1-800-639-1700.

About Customer Centered Strategies, LLC (CCS)

Customer Centered Strategies is committed to developing sustainable revenue growth, operational cost efficiencies and competitive differentiation through the quality of your Customer Experience and Sales Enablement capabilities. We believe that this is accomplished through understanding of customer feedback, aligned strategic vision, engaged employees & partners, streamlined processes, and targeted performance management. Through this approach, it is our mission to create a better customer experience, happier employees, committed partners, and greater profitability. More information on CCS can be found at