Insperix Utilise snom Handsets to Reduce Call Centre Operational Costs

PRESS RELEASE: snom Technology AG pioneers in the development of secure, feature rich and cost effective telephone handsets for IP and Lync today announced that Insperix are recommending snom handsets to reduce the costs of Call Centre operation and enable small businesses to deploy effective and high performance call centers in competition to large enterprises.

Insperix are experienced in providing solutions using traditional call centres and are very aware of how expensive setting up a call centre can be. Installing a large proprietary physical call centre is an expensive operation. They can require battery backup and in some cases foundations, the accompanying specific handsets and headsets and bespoke software, plus the infrastructure with high costs such as deploying voice cabling in addition to the data/ethernet cabling, and of course the ongoing support, which can all run into millions of pounds over the lifetime of the centre.

“Historically only large corporates could entertain the idea of having a private call centre,” commented Simons Atkins, Senior Consultant at Insperix “this was because only they could afford to have them installed and could manage the ongoing costs to support them.”

In recent projects Insperix have compared this traditional approach to how easy and relatively inexpensive it is to set up a call centre today utilising modern PBX technology and SIP phones such as provided by snom, a PBX (e.g. 3CX) Insperix’s SIPACD software (which turns a PBX into a call centre) and a business class server. The cabling is all based on existing ethernet cables so there is less upheaval as well as less cost involved. This all combines to make it available to small business customers. SMBs can now use all the tools previously only available to large corporates such as professional IVRs with speech recognition and advanced reporting which improves their running efficiency usually saving them money. “Of course, you still need solution support but this is greatly reduced compared to the traditional call centre approach,” added Atkins.

About snom

Founded in 1996 in Berlin, Germany, snom technology AG is a pioneer in the development of high quality IP phones for both businesses and service providers. snom specializes in the design and manufacture of VoIP telephones and related equipment based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and is recognized for its high-quality, customizable and cost-effective products.

snom is also differentiated by its focus on security and privacy and is committed to delivering products that operate within EU privacy laws. snom’s products are vendor independent and provide a long term ROI by enabling the use of a single handset with multi-vendor PBX services.

snom customers and partners benefit from the very high levels of interoperability and flexibility that snom telephones offer, including plug-and-play integration and universal compatibility with standards-based SIP VoIP platforms, applications or services.

snom technology AG is headquartered in Berlin, with offices in Italy, France, UK and the U.S. supported by a network of channel partners operating across 65 countries. As a global company snom provides localized support and training to ensure the highest levels of service for customers and partners. For more information on snom UK, please visit Our full corporate site is available at

About Insperix

Insperix is a well respected product and solution provider to the contact center industry. We are the creators of PER, used by a number of Aspect® call centers as a highly resilient and efficient call center management solution in both single and multi-ACD environments, with an impressive ROI and TCO.

We have highly specialist knowledge related to the Aspect® Call Center and have deployed numerous Aspect® CTI solutions ranging from straight forward Screen Pops to complex integrated multimedia routing solutions.

In addition we provide consultancy for the emerging VOIP/SIP market and have developed our own VOIP/SIP Telephony Server designed to run standalone or integrated with 3rd-Party VOIP PBX products.

Our professional services division has extensive experience in integration to a multiplicity of CRM products in both Microsoft and Linux/Unix operating systems. Development and integration are undertaken against all the major databases working with all the industry standard technologies and languages. CTI and integration skills specific to the call center industry are offered in deployment and integration to Genesys, Avaya and Aspect®.